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    What colour suits dapple grey?

    But what you really need is this...
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    What colour suits dapple grey?

    Yes that's very true, and she looks lovely in that picture!
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    What colour suits dapple grey?

    Just about anything suits a grey, apart from white, but I particularly like burgundy and teal. A deep purple can look lovely too. If you are going to do dressage I suggest you get a neat numnah which matches the colour of your saddle. I have a mainly white coloured horse, and a white dressage...
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    Shock absorbing Stirrup irons

    I love mine! I have a reconstructed ACL and was in pain jumping and whenever I got off my horse. With the flex-ons I forget I've even injured it 😀
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    Shock absorbing Stirrup irons

    This. I got mine from Shadow Horse and they swapped them over and left the footplates with the pins in the box in case I changed my mind.
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    Tack cleaning - how often??

    I take my bridle apart for a thorough clean once a week generally. That's slipped a bit during CV restrictions as we're on a rota at the yard so can't hang about there the whole day doing all those jobs....but I still do it pretty regularly. Saddle gets a good clean every couple of weeks. Bit...
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    Where is my money tree?

    I've got about £5 in each of about 20 currencies if that helps. Including some eastern European countries that don't exist any more. P!us about £20 in old French francs. Does that help? They're yours!
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    Thanking others when out hacking

    To be fair, it's not just riders. I have quite a long walk to our current field and there is a pavement and a grass verge along most of the road. Most people I meet on the way to and from the field are polite, but the runners! Oh, the runners. I will always go on the grass or into the road to...
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    Thorowgood and K&M Compact Saddles. Opinions please?

    I had a TG compact and never felt it fitted my horse well. She is half Welsh and croup high. Got an AH saddle in the end - fits her much better. Can't really comment on the seat size as I'm pretty small, but I've heard that the extra length is often in the upward sweep of the cantle, so not much...
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    Tall boots for someone with short legs?

    I have HKM kids boots. They may go up to a 5 given how big kids are nowadays
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    Anyone else having a rubbish week?

    Sorry you are having a tough time. It often seems to happen like that. A friend at the yard was all set to have a lesson with a visiting coach, who only comes once a month. Her horse was lame. Got that sorted, the next time he had a bruised sole. The third time he's been kicked in the field...
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    Stirrups for arthritis.

    Try flex-on. I have them for a repaired ACL and find them great, but somebody with a bad ankle found them very painful
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    Buying horses and compromising on what you want.

    I'd never have any expectations about gender, colour or breed. I am short with short legs so height/width are crucial. Behaviour, ability and health are important too and I'd never knowingly buy a horse with a health problem. That means I might have to try a lot more and wait longer, but the...
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    Selling A Difficult Horse

    It sounds as if he's in pain. Even if the xrays come back clear you need to get your vet to find out what the problem is. Then you can decide if you're prepared to put in the time, effort and money to fix him, if it's fixable. You may or may not want to keep him after that, but it's really not...
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    Thanks Chinchilla. Given how filthy she got when rolling this evening after the rain I think I'll just let her make herself brown......:rolleyes: