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    The grossest thing your dog has done!!!!?

    Not my dog but a friend's dog. Out walking his dog, who wears a muzzle or he chases cats,well anything that moves really. friend was caught very short and had to go into the woods to have a poo. He had to try to hold the dog at arms length, his dog was on the lead and cannot be trusted off lead...
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    Getting rid of rats without using poison

    We used an old chainsaw with blade removed and a pipe connected to the exhaust, enrich the mixture slightly to make it smokey, fire it up and shove the pipe down the hole.The resulting chaos brings the rats out where the terriers deal with them and a few lurchers too. The rest that stay below...
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    Darkening leather

    I'll PM you about this, Oz
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    Darkening leather

    But you advised some one further up this conversation to oil it and then oil it some more. Oil in quantity is not good for modern hides. Used sparingly as a finisher, last final dressing is fine but not to feed the leather, it can and does damage the leather at a cellular level you really can't see.
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    Old leather headcollar

    It's not the stitching that's the problem, oil can and does oxidise the leather, making it go hard and weakens it.
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    Darkening leather

    Oil can and does oxidize leather if used other than sparingly, i.e. a tiny amount, leather is not livng like your skin on your hands and although your hands can take it, the leather can't
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    How to make your own leather condioner and use it

    Percentage wise, I was going on weight, Oz
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    Correct position for bridle buckles

    When I was training in Saddlery, we were taught the correct way is to line the buckles up with the eye. Not many do these days though. Oz
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    Video Episode of Hands on YouTube: Irish saddlery in 1981

    We used 12 stitches to the inch back in the day but further back 16 to the inch wasn't unheard of, which is HARD to stitch! Most modern bridles etc are stitched 8 to the inch or there abouts, the smaller the stitching the better quality as a rule. Oz
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    Video Episode of Hands on YouTube: Irish saddlery in 1981

    Sorry wasn't around to answer about the points, been working 12 hours a day and knackered! Oz
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    Video Episode of Hands on YouTube: Irish saddlery in 1981

    Exactly how I was trained, hand made threads, making our own edge stain with pearl glue, we'd flock seats and knees rolls too. Methods I still use today when I make any saddlery which is very rare now as no money in it, although we hand stitched all our saddlery and avoided machines especially...
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    Road rage against riders.

    Please join this group, discuss your problems and help the cause
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    Anyone else have problems in getting professionals to return calls?

    When out fitting saddles and doing on site repairs I had customers call me 11.30pm and at 5.45am (Sundays) on my mobile when an "emergency" arose and they needed to go to a show/event and something wasn't right with their saddle or something had broken and needed fixing. I always responded as...
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    Adding extra holes to saddle girth straps?

    As others have said, don't place a new hole between existing ones and you should use an OVAL punch not a round punch, oval holes help stop the hole elongating and it's the traditional punch we use when making girth straps
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    Cost of getting a girth shortened?

    £10 is about right and that's what I would charge. Oz