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    Non stretch stirrup leathers

    Henry James calfskin wrapped leathers did ~4 years for me without stretching an inch. Don't bother with the wide ones, they stretch a stupid amount and aren't worth the money.
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    Following on from 'dying breed' - are we all competing less?

    I've lost any ambition I had to compete because of all the waiting around. I'd rather do lessons or arena hire with a fixed start and end point.
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    Weekend plans :D

    Lovely photos and reports guys :). I didn't actually leave the house/garage/garden this weekend (oops), must try harder next week. Unfortunately we've now got strangles in the area as well as equine flu so I might give up riding for a few months until I can get back on our 'good' routes...
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    what has happened...….?!

    You can have some of ours! I got bitten by 3 horseflies on a hack yesterday :(.
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    Weekend plans :D

    Oh no Denbob :(. Loading problems are ridiculously frustrating - this method finally sorted mine out. It did take over an hour the first time, about 10 minutes the second time, and now all I do is flick the leadrope the second she hesitates and she walks in. Good luck mp, ae, and ah! I was...
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    First equine flu case confirmed in Wales

    I've read a post on Facebook today saying that the wild ponies on Cefn Bryn and Llanridian Marsh are all snotty with hacking coughs. No idea if this is a) true and b) equine flu. It's all getting a bit close to home now!
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    Laminitis and double cream

    To expand on the paper and its publication venue: I originally assumed that was just a repo for pre-prints/open access articles that have been published in proper journals. However, based on this pricing page, it's clear that this likely is a pay-to-publish type venue. I'd disregard it, personally.
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    Laminitis and double cream

    I thought the title was a typo! After some googling this article has popped up but I have issues with the incredibly small sample size (2!!), lack of control group, etc. It's not something I'd bother with unless I was desperate or unless I can find a bigger study. My main question would be what...
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    First equine flu case confirmed in Wales

    It's on 2 yards in Swansea that have come forward and admitted it - one by Cefn Bryn on Gower * and several on a yard in Gorseinon. Allegedly a yard in Morriston also has multiple cases but isn't on lockdown and horses are still going on and off the yard and to competitions. * The horse on...
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    Talk to me about wide / stabilising stirrup leathers...

    I've got some from Henry James and like them - they do seem to have a more stabilising effect than standard leathers. However, they've stretched a stupid amount (from hole 3 to hole 7! in about 20 rides) and I'm really disappointed as they weren't cheap. I did see a post from HJ saying they...
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    Weekend plans :)

    Those first jumps look way bigger than 90 Chippers! Continuing the hooning round the countryside we did 7 miles in just under an hour today - I let M choose speed and direction while I worked on my 2 point (which sucked, thread to come on this topic as i need help!) and she was very happy 😃. I...
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    Weekend plans :)

    Good luck to everyone competing and I hope everyone else has fun! In a huge change from normal we're hacking yet again :p. We've done fast hacks in company all this week and she's been absolutely angelic so it'll just be a short walk round the block tomorrow and then a fast common hack Sunday...
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    Pony with suspected EMS... any advice/tips?

    +1 to mag ox, and I'd add cinnamon too. I've reintroduced both for my EMS horse and the weight has melted off her in the last 2 weeks despite her workload not really changing that much.
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    WWYD - pelham and grackle?

    You might be onto something there TFF *. I school her on all surfaces regularly (no school on our yard) so they shouldn't be overly exciting. I just need something that means I can stop her when she decides she's off! * As a small update - I've tried the grackle 5x now, 3x with the pelham and...
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    Best type of work for weight loss - long & slow or shorter & fast?

    Thanks guys, mixing it up seems to be the way to go. The surface varies from tarmac, crushed (smooth and solid now) rock, tarmac, some really horrible flinty ground, dirt with a smooth sheet-rock base (but this is too steep, narrow, and winding to do anything other than walk - elevation gain...