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    Yards in Elstree/Borehamwood or close by

    Wild Farm Radlett.
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    Dressage Yard

    Wild Farm in Radlett. Owner is a Grand Prix rider. Lovely listed courtyard, long arena, post and rail individual turnout and off road hacking. 07590 058954
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    New Equestrian Centre....need help

    I think it's worth posting about this on the London board as well as the centre in question is close to several outer London Boroughs.
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    New Equestrian Centre....need help

    I will follow your post with interest. The major competition centre that shut was reputed to be changing hands for many millions of pounds. I don't know how we can raise enough funding to save it. The first planning application for housing was withdrawn but I don't think it will be long until a...
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    Seeking Riding Stables in Middlesex - any tips?

    If you can get a lift to get there Coltspring in Sarratt area is nice. A wide range of horses and ponies and pleasant staff.
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    Dressage Yard

    Wild Farm in Radlett.
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    Assisted DIY

    There are some yards in Harefield, Northwood and Hayes. Morden is not an option as way across the other side of London. Perhaps people who have contact numbers could post. Otherwise it is worth looking on the notice boards of tack shops including Old Horse House, Ducks hill, North wood.
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    Livery close to London - no car

    I am a livery at a dressage yard in Radlett. That area could be a possibility for you.
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    horse box hire herts / essex london

    At a canter based at Wild Farm Radlett has self drive Theault boxes.
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    Full/Working Livery Yards near(ish!) West London

    If it is working livery I believe Hanstead Livery in Bricket Wood offers it. Fabulous hacking on the Water Meadows and common. There is a website.
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    Livery Yards in Uxbrdige London

    It's also worth posting on the Greater London regional board on here.
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    Livery Yards in Uxbrdige London

    Try Abbeyfields in Hayes and Littlebourne in Harefield. Both have websites. It's also worth contacting Gould's Green. It is a riding school but may be able to suggest places in the area. There are several in Harefield.
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    Hertfordshire yard

    My daughter was trained by Dan at one time and we had the horse there for a few weeks when she was in hospital. It was very good.
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    Looking to share

    I've messaged you. Please get back to me if you haven't received it.
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    Looking to share

    I will message you her email address so you can contact her. Good luck with your search.