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    Bates or Albion dressage saddle?

    What do you think of the Bates Caprilli and Albion Style dressage saddles? Both fit my TB well and feel comfortable but I can't make my mind up!
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    Your ideal horse? And what's the reality?

    Wanted a 15hh, 8 ish Fjord to do every thing on. Got a 14hh 12yo Fjord that's proving more of a project than I wanted but going to stick with it and hope we get there soon!
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    How much did you pay for your horses?

    £2800 4yo New forest.... Very much ripped off and he was swiftly returned! £1200 Tb. Again, over priced for what he was on paper but he's my horse of a life time. £2000 fjord.
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    Wocket Woy and Mattie Bach

    I've been following them for a while. Love the videos!
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    What do you feed your natives?

    Nothing at the moment! The grass is really good and he gets soaked hay at night. He'll start having a balancer once a day but he's quite overweight and fizzy so definitely won't be getting much more than that!
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    Christmas Livery

    I work on a full livery yard and the horses stay in. No muck out but feed and hay as usual. They get extra bedding Christmas Eve then a thorough muck out on Boxing Day.
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    New horse bucking

    I bought an 11yo cob from from the field last month. He'd been out of work for a year but previously been in a riding school and then owned privately as a riding club horse. I was told he went sour as a riding school horse and can Buck when he's excited. Lovely temperament, saw videos of him...
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    Hack up supplements - are they worth the money?

    I've had my horse on a bespoke joint and hoof supplement for nearly a month now but haven't noticed a difference. I'm going to keep on with it for now (I know I won't see hoof changes for long while) and hope it starts proving effective, especially for his joints.
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    Tracing old horse!

    Have sent you a message.
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    Hardy healthy breeds

    I've just bought what I've always wanted... A Norwegian Fjord. They don't get any more hardy than that. Very kind and willing to please. Surprisingly agile too!
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    Top Spec Balancers.....

    I was thinking about starting my boy on the Lite balancer over winter. He's a really good doer so will just have grass and hay. I believed it was cheaper than baileys Lo-cal?
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    Are Mickleham multi bridles all they are cracked up to be?

    I'd struggled with my ex racer for over 2 years. Tried so many different bits, nosebands, lessons, every thing checked etc. A friend lent me a Micklem bridle one day and WOW. It was like magic. Consistent contact, happy, forwards. It was a different horse! Ok so definitely no dressage superstar...
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    Two horses on different yards

    Sounds similar to my situation. Think I need to give it a bit more thought but it sounds possible :)
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    Two horses on different yards

    have a TB who is kept at the livery yard where I work (Yard A). The set up is great, all his bills are included in my wage and he's very happy there. However it's limited turnout throughout the winter months so the days he's in I'll be mucking out twice and exercising once I've finished work...
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    Anxious horse - how can I teach him to relax?

    Thank you everyone, some great advice. I felt very confident this time so was able to relax and didn't get the feeling he was going to do anything stupid. I was just concerned about how he coped. Dripping in sweat after 10 mins was a little worrying. I plan to get him out more and more (trailer...