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    WOW Saddles for Natives?

    My loan pony is in a wow, and its brilliantly adjustable. Our fitter comes out every few months and adjusts it as required. I find it very comfortable and secure. We are looking to get another soon for our short backed barrel of a cob.
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    Sparsholt College riding assessment

    I had this at equine college 20 years ago- honestly don't worry. We were just asked to walk, trot and canter in the indoor school and they assigned our groups based on ability. It was under instruction too- I remember being put on a particularly fresh horse and being encouraged to slow my rise...
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    What's your nervous riding song?

    Old McDonald had a farm- great when hacking as I can get inspiration from my surroundings and I have to make up animal noises "and on that farm he had a pidgeon, ey ei ey ei oh, with a coo coo here and a coo coo there...."
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    Sophie Seymour

    I think Sophie works well with the horses sent to her and can't say anything negative. But my loan boy went to Will Hunt who is fairly local to you I believe and his owner cant praise Will enough.
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    I saw the connie, I thought it was a fat cob until I read the description
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    Riding tights recommendations but not silicone!

    Flexars definitely
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    Riding tights/beige jodhs for skinny children

    I just bought my 6 year old a pair of beige flexars and she loves them. She's always struggled to unfasten normal jods, so these being a pull up design is a game changer.
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    Calming cookies

    I truly believe in them. My share horse can be exactly as the OP describes. Jumps at squirrels, pigeons, blue bins- you name it. We decided to try a cookie one day, but didn't give it to him until I was tacking up. They take time to start working. He set of down our drive at a jog, snorting at...
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    What's Your 'I'm Being An Idiot' Moment?

    We have a new Houdini at the moment, so we've been leaving the electric fence on while doing yard jobs. I refuse to duck under the fence while pushing the wheel barrow (I've been zapped on the backside previously pulling that sort of manoeuvre). So I open the fence, push the barrow through and...
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    Need a show name !!!

    The Mystery Machine
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    Once a fidget..

    Yep, we have a fidget. We've come to the conclusion he has ADHD. There's no cure, we just have to learn to live with it.
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    Feed prices

    yes, 'other mum' bought a bag of stud balancer for our weanling yesterday. £30! His bucket went in a tyre last night as we can't afford for him to chuck it around the stable anymore.
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    Anyone going to Your Horse Live?

    I went on Saturday for the first time and really enjoyed it. It was very busy and was the first time I've really exposed myself to Covid, hopefully I kept myself safe enough. I didn't buy a lot, most of my spending budget went on a crafty pony for my youngest with a full set of leather tack, a...
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    What size horse do you ride?

    I'm 5ft 2/3". My current share horse is 16hh, the pony in my avatar is 14hh. I wouldn't want to go any bigger than my current boy, I've only come off him once and I broke a rib- its a long way down!
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    Short leg long riding boots!

    I'm 5ft 2/3" and found Toggi Cartwrights absolutely perfect. They were a good price too.