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    advice please - will a micklem help with rearing?

    I would ask why she despises contact to such an extent. There is more going ahead than disliking the contact. A typical stallion won't respond so brutally to contact they discredit of. I know you said every one of the checks were done yet by whom? Were teeth and so on done by EDT or vet? What...
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    we are encountering robberies of tack all over right now particularly here in suffolk, Suffolk police have kick begun horsewatch which has as of now keep a few of my companions having their tack stolen just by surrendering them the heads, postcoding is a smart thought i have every one of my...
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    Do you know how to check if second-hand equestrian items are stolen?

    This additionally relies on upon individuals making a note of the serial no (on most seats) or generally having them completely archived and captured
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    Horrid thing to happen on a beach ride

    We frequently get pursued by puppies that toss a hard of hearing ear to their proprietor, possibly not to this degree, but rather still, an integral part of riding on an open shoreline.
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    Does a goose down duvet keep warmer then a syntetic duvet?

    At the moment I'm using a 13.5 tog (as I like to be toasty) of a cheap quality syntetic duvet from argos and I would like to replace it with a good quality natural duvet made of hungarian goose down. I was wondering if I need to buy a 13.5 or would it be far too warm?
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    Pictures of your yards

    However it's fundamentally 3 joined stables with backs to the twist, around 14ft wide with a portable animal dwellingplace/tack room on the opposite side. There are doors either end. The yard is laid on clearing chunks, laid unpleasant side up on a thick bed of sand. The tap is there as well and...