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    Shooting and hunting

    This is the most interesting thread for a while. We have a small shoot on our farm, and (up to now) have tried to avoid having the hunt until the end of the shooting season. It's not, in our case, that we feel our guns would complain (the shoot is run mostly for friends and family with a few...
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    BHS Training-Evening classes

    Not sure what level you're at, but Trent Park (it's north London tho) are running Stages 1 & 2 in the eves - 7.15pm to 9.15pm. Tuesdays stage 2, Weds stage 1.
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    Turned out hunters

    The woman from whom I occasionally hire (informal basis - it's not a professional yard) keeps her hunters out 24/7: one ISH, one Connemara, both trace or blanket clipped (can't remember, sorry), rugged as necessary, and not stabled before (tho' I think I would be tempted to), nor after - to...
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    Full/Working Livery Yards near(ish!) West London

    Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I have a car, and yes, I am more than happy to go up to maybe 1 hours drive - so happy to head down A3/M4/M40 "corridors" if necessary. And yes, working livery would suit us best, part livery though might be tricky as I have school runs etc (and a part time...
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    Opinion poll .. hybrid hunting whips..

    OK. So what is everyone's opinion of those hybrid hunting whips - antler handle at one end, but normal jumping style (no thong/lash) at other - I think David Thorne does them? I can definitely see the point, but suspect they may be frowned on. What do you all think?
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    Full/Working Livery Yards near(ish!) West London

    I know that this has been done a million times before, but am looking for recommendations for full and/or working livery accessible from Hammersmith/Shepherds Bush, ideally not too expensive (!! ha ha) and definitely with some turnout. Any ideas? Am potentially looking to house 15.2 cob-type...
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    Ex racer bolts on hacks

    I am reading your response here with interest. Is that true - or at least in your opinion - do you think "once a panic bolter, always a bolter"? Is it flight instinct? Am just really interested as I had a fright (and I actually think I am fairly unflappable) on a horse which (panic) bolted...
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    Hunting shirt

    i wear (!) my patra silk long sleeved vest - amazingly warm & not bulky under a dublin hunting shirt which I love (but it's pale yellow)..
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    Thank you for ALL your advice. Looks like I'll be getting my own vetting done. The horse is relatively pricey (at least it seems it to me), and I definitely want to jump. Is it cheeky to ask to see a previous vet's report in addition to getting my own done? It's just that as I'm so...
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    I am thinking of buying a horse which has apparently passed a 5 stage vetting test. Do I need another (?independent) vet to have a look at the horse? If I contacted the original vet are they bound to pass on info they know? Any advice?