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    The only thing with that is that a dog who can't walk also can't poo or pee for themselves so has to either wear a nappy or make a mess everywhere, which isn't very dignified for them. They can also only wear the wheels for a certain amount of time so the rest of the time have to drag themselves...
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    Grief due to loss of horse

    Just to say that I used this service when I lost my dog last year and I found them really helpful. They also have a Facebook group where oyu can share your thoughts with other bereaved owners and the support on there is fantastic. The only other thing I can say is don't feel any pressure to...
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    Buying a polo horse with slight conformation issue

    He was five when I got him and I used him for a bit of everything - hacking, fun rides, camps, schooling and competing mostly eventing up to 90 and training at 100. I usually rode him about five times a week and tried to do a mix of stuff with him and not just go in the school all the time. I...
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    Buying a polo horse with slight conformation issue

    My horse is older now and basically b*ggered but I think if I had my time again with him I would do things very differently. I suppose we would all say that though wouldn't we?
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    Buying a polo horse with slight conformation issue

    Just to say that my horse is toe out and has a tendency to land laterally. I didn't have x-rays done when I bought him but he did pass a vetting with the toe out confirmation noted. He went lame when he was 12 and when I got x-rays done they looked quite similar to yours in terms of wonkiness...
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    Difference between Sprenger and Neue Schule bits

    Thanks for the comments. I know there are multiple designs within each brand which makes it even more complicated and they go on in the descriptions about how great each particular one is. There's just too much choice really and obviously have no idea which ones he might or might not like...
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    Difference between Sprenger and Neue Schule bits

    Can anyone enlighten me please? I've used NS in the past (horse hated them) but never Sprenger. This is for a new horse, an ex-racer who has learnt the basics of working in an outline in walk but that's about it. Generally he wants to go too fast within the pace so the main challenge is slowing...
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    A how much (sorry!)

    I was going to guess at 10k based on the fact that he sounds like an all round nice person and easy to do and you could easily pay 2k plus just for the tack and wardrobe. I went shopping recently and although I didn't see many horses I was pretty shocked at the prices people would ask and some...
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    Anyone jump in boots?

    I've done small jumps on fun rides in flex boots if that's any help. Probably two foot ish.
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    Insurance: yes or no?

    Thanks for all the comments - everything everybody has said is everything I think which is why I can't really decide what to do! I can afford to pay for something if needs be and am very well aware that I'm a sentimental fool who would probably dig deeper into my pocket than other people might...
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    Insurance: yes or no?

    I'm having a horse vetted next week and just looking online at some insurance quotes - the prices are eye watering for what you get in return! My current horse is no longer insured due to him basically being broken and nothing left to insure but when he was insured it did at least represent good...
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    Finding a home for a horse with sarcoids.

    As above but I see loads of adverts where it's mentioned that the horse has or has had sarcoids and they give the necessary information on them and just reflect them in the price. I don't think it would put me off necessarily so long as they weren't bothering the horse. I did go to see one...
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    DDFT injury

    My horse was recently diagnosed with a ddft tear too. In his case the vet said that the nature of the injury meant that surgery wouldn't really be helpful but she seemed to think that in those cases where surgery is an option it does stand a good chance of improving the outcome for them. I think...
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    Hock spavin, time for injections to take effect?

    Mine felt better instantly when he had steroids but they didn't last long with him sadly. He went on to have arthramid and that took several weeks to kick in but he's still good about 18 months later. I think it depends massively from one horse to the next though.
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    Horses that fail the vet

    I've only bought a handful of horses as I tend to just keep them and I haven't always vetted in the past. I think given the way the market seems to have gone and my recent experience I would definitely get any horse vetted from now on, unless it was a real bargain basement job. There are some...