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    Very dumb questions about buying a horse (vetting/sales receipt)

    Hi, the buyer usually organises the vetting, they give the vet the owners phone number, and they organise it direct with the owner. If you want to be present at the vetting, tell them when you are available. As a seller I wouldn't mind filming you, but be aware ATM it seems to be a buyers...
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    Panorama tonight - racing industry and slaughterhouses

    This only works if they are going in the fit for human consumption, food chain. It costs far less to have a horse shot for rendering, as there is some profit in the rendering. I know in Newmarket the JC used to subside horse disposal, for trainers...
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    Panorama tonight - racing industry and slaughterhouses

    As above, the back story to this story is to explain why anyone would want to travel a significantly lame horse for slaughter, there are regulations in place and most farmers are very careful about what they send in as they do not want the animal rejected, or be fined. There are very specific...
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    What a terrible day for you both, I am sorry for your loss.
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    Are ex-racers as high maintenance as its claimed?

    Our old TB we got at seventeen, he had made the racecourse but couldn't have been very good, because after the first couple of stamps he never went back. Two owners back from us, he had been a show horse, rescued out of a field, wasn't really any good at that, and was sold on to event, judging...
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    Following the horse kicked dog post in TR

    My farrier(s) leaves his dog, if he has one with him, in the van. He will then ask if its OK, when has finished, if they and get out and have a stretch and a wee, and he takes them away from the horses, and we have ten minutes while they have a mooch, and we have a chat and I pay them. I have...
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    Following the horse kicked dog post in TR

    I kept my ponies at the back of the house, and the dogs soon learn which one they can pinch carrots off and those who would stamp on them. I would never take them on to someone else's yard, and those blooming flexileads are a nightmare, and even my daughter seems to think that they are a...
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    Panorama tonight - racing industry and slaughterhouses

    There are very few horses fit for human consumption, but there is a market in animals for rendering, so although it does cost the owner money to have them shot at home, at the moment you can, 'shop around'. The last pony I had euthanised, ten minutes before he was rubbing his bum on a tree in...
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    Panorama tonight - racing industry and slaughterhouses

    It's a bit like showjumping, it's what you do not see you need to worry about. I would recommend anyone to go and have a day at the Newmarket Racing museum, the equestrian art is amazing, and look how racing developed, and who owns what, it explains a lot.
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    Panorama tonight - racing industry and slaughterhouses

    The farm animal industry has government, and industry applied standards, nothing is ever perfect, and they could always be better, and you could not say, we already say, 'we live in a society where governments or other agencies will jeopardise livelihoods, local and national economics, culture'...
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    Panorama tonight - racing industry and slaughterhouses

    Although I think you make some good points in your post, saying that racing is victimised when its the largest industry and has the most amount of money invested in it, it is run by an institution which controls just about every aspect of how horses used on the course and who trains them, and...
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    Panorama tonight - racing industry and slaughterhouses

    Young TB's out of training are about the only horses in this country that have a clean passport, so fit for humane consumption, anything else goes for rendering. I think its down to economics, perhaps £300 on the hoof( not sure of currant prices) or having to pay for disposal, which really when...
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    Frustrated with my riding - going backwards

    It's doesn't sound like an advanced horse, just something more difficult to ride, and if you are struggling they shouldn't keep putting you on it, it makes it far harder for you to learn, and the horse will just become more practised in evasions. Basically practising getting it wrong, it's not...
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    Dressage Glock's Zonik dies unexpectedly

    My pony was sedated in a veterinary hospital for a castration, and he has never been the same since, the change was apparent as soon as I got him home, and he has never improved. I have some experience of sedative and anaesthetic drugs effects in humans, and its effects are a bit like alcohol...
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    Concerning email from my small animal vet practice

    I think they are two entirely separate problems, but not unconnected. The days when a vet operated out of his house, like your local GP are gone. I can remember going to get a flu jab for my horse, which I then gave myself, and saw the vet in his kitchen while he was making a cup of tea. Most...