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    Starting young horse help shropshire

    Can anybody recommend somebody that would be able to come out and help me start a young horse? Ideally someone that could start hacking him as well? We are Telford/Broseley area... Thanks!
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    We're West Midlands so would prefer closer but would be happy to travel to see the right horse
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    Thank you!
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    Can anyone recommend a decent Clydesdale breeder? Looking for a yearling colt - possibly a filly. I know there are a few breeders around but I would rather go off personal recommendations. Many thanks
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    Grazing/livery Bridgnorth/Much Wenlock area

    Hi, does anyone know of any grazing to rent or grass livery for 3 horses in the Much Wenlock/Bridgnorth area? Many thanks!
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    Gastric Ulcers- desperate!

    I would agree re getting him checked out for pain elsewhere as this is what is going on with my boy at the moment. Like you, I have ultra ulcer-friendly management, did a course of gastro guard and all seemed fine but they are now back and making him almost unrideable :( My vet advised that...
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    How much hay?

    Just wondering how much hay in lbs you would guess at feeding a big 18.1hh horse? Sorry - I don't know how much he weighs but would guess it's over 700kg...
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    Owestry Livery Yard

    Hi could anyone recommend a decent livery yard in the oswestry area for 3 horses (one needs a large stable) - main requirements are a decent school (pref 60x20), good year round turn out and good hacking. Thanks!
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    If your garden backed onto grazing land...

    Would you expect the owners of the land to ensure horses couldn't eat anything in your garden - ie back fence it so horses can't get near? Just curious really as had a bit of a run in with the people whose garden backs onto our field this morning as my horses have eaten their precious tree...
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    Calling all Mums with horses and young children

    I have a 21mo little girl, a dog, 2 part-time kids (oh's!), 3 horses and an allotment. Two horses compete at BD and the other isn't in work. I don't have family around to help so I just get up early to ride one and ride the other when OH is finished work. It is completely do-able and keeps me...
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    Part Livery Chipping Norton/Charlbury/Witney area

    Hi I am desperately trying to find a yard that would offer the following: Part livery - everything except riding/vet/farrier etc Pref indoor school but MUST have a school with lights Reasonable turn out I live close to charlbury and have two other horses who are turned out there so...
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    Bute - how much?

    ok thanks!!
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    Bute - how much?

    We are having to give one of ours 4 sachets a day at the moment and it looks like he made need it long term (although he may improve in the warmer weather). A box of 100 is costing over £90 which obviously doesn't even last a month. Is this the standard price for bute?
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    How do i make the pony eat?!??!!

    You've probably done this already but could you give her the haylage balancer (whatever supp she needs) on a big spoonful of treacle - obviously a big long wooden spoon is best and hold onto it for grim death! And then paint cribox or whatever it's called on all the kickboards?