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    Due to lack of time, Charles is off on loan a week on sunday. Now i have seen that the owner has the right to be kept with the owner, but i'd have to post it off every time she needs it for vet and i think legally it is required for travelling? What is the best thing to do,do you think?
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    hmm i'm not sure where I stand on this. There are already so many dogs looking for homes, and these dogs could have been very unhappy - and as said on one of the link 'unsocialized'. I don't know, maybe it was wrong, or maybe it was for the best. no doubt i'll now be shouted at!
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    Advert opinions please *sorry!*

    okay. i was thinking that. Basically, the vet is unsure as to his problem. he is not lame visibally, just sometimes a little stiff. As long a he always has 4 shoes, he's fine on the flat.
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    Advert opinions please *sorry!*

    also, seriously, what do you think his chances are of finding someone. I wanted to be completely honest about him, so i know if they are truley interested. i just hope we can get someone who is experianced enough for him.
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    Advert opinions please *sorry!*

    Another, sorry. Basically, have I been too honest...:S REF 2850 King Charles
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    Not horsey but...

    oh i didn't even think of fish! duh! thank you for your input everyone
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    Not horsey but...

    I am currently working on a children's non-fiction book to help teach how to care for small animals. 'Happy Fuzzies' will be a fun, easy to understand book, probably focusing on small mammals (rodents). I'd like to gather ideas and research for the book, so I can target it and write in a way...
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    omg he's beautiful! pics pics pics!
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    Toilet Training!?

    My friend has a private field with two horses. She used to poo pick and put the droppings in the corners of the field. The horses now use these areas as the toilet! In that small part of the field, the grass is long as the horses won't eat from it as their droppings are there - however the rest...
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    American Bashkir Curly Coat

    someone on here does have a BC. If you look on photo gallery for a post called 'unusual horse breeds' there is info in there. i think it's curlywurly
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    Baler twine loops = new idea?

    i rarely used to tie to twine, but started just after xmas, when my horse pulled down a fence in panic. However, he now knows how easy it is to break free from being tied to twine
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    or how to persuade the folks? :P fab isn't he?
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    i am out of touch - what do we thinks?

    i like chance. a lot
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    *sighs* poor lad, i hope he goes to a good home. that grey mare 15years old, a few above him is lovely though.