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    How much do you actually walk your dogs?

    Hollypops is a 4 year old Lab and Oh and I work full time. During the week she is walked for 30 minutes first thing, 1 hour at lunchtime with dog walker (plus chums so 1 hour's hooning!) then 1 hour after work. All off lead. At the weekend she has 30 minutes morning and evening and a longer...
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    Post your then and now pics!

    Holly at 5 weeks Holly at 12 weeks Holly at 17 weeks Holly now
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    Taking matchy matchy schooling too far?

    Maybe I could make some money by producing coordinating magnetic decals in Anky colours for application to horseboxes.............;)
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    pictures of my two dressage mares from november

    Lovely pictures.....I have SERIOUS gilet envy :(
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    Taking matchy matchy schooling too far?

    Bit of schooling on Sunday in the sunshine :) in preparation for stressage this weekend. OH took some shots of us and looking back at them I feel I may have taken matchy matchy too far...... Is it wrong to coordinate with your truck as well? And my favourite picture as he is...
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    How much do you guys pay for big dog insurance.

    I pay £14.87 a moth with MoreThan for my Lab. Think I have £8k vets fees and public liability for that.
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    Puppy pictures!

    Met up with my friend at the weekend and took full advantage of the fact she has a new puppy to stock up on puppy snuggles :) I could have quite happily stolen her and taken her home. Lottie is 14 weeks old and a Patterdale Terrier. She really is the cutest thing ever so here are some...
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    Who has a dog walker?

    Yes £10 a day or £50 a week. It's the going rate and to be honest to get someone who is honest, reliable, properly insured and checked it is worth every penny. M
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    Who has a dog walker?

    I have a dog walker for Holly Pops. I found her via the t'internet as I was moving to an new area and didn't know anyone to get a recommendation from. I arranged to meet her at my house, she supplied references and a police check and I made sure Holly liked her. I followed up her references...
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    would you recommend a rescue lurcher?

    Well just outside Morpeth in Longhirst- all the best people are in the North East ;) Would definitely consider a small greyhound if there was something suitable and more than willing to work with recall. Thankfully Holly has super recall and would hopefully be a good influence on any...
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    would you recommend a rescue lurcher?

    Over the last 4 months I have had to have both my 18 year old cats put to sleep :( and this has left my Lab Holly without company. She loved both cats and although she is okay on her own I'd rather she had company when I'm at work. I can't face the thought of getting another cat yet but have...
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    What Holly did in pictures

    Wish it made her tired- We can be out 3 hours off lead walking, she has a quick 30 minute nap and she's ready for more. :)
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    Finally found a dog :) *pic overload!*

    What a lovely, happy little dog he looks :)
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    What Holly did in pictures

    Just been having a little sort out of photos from the last couple of weeks and thought I'd post some shots of what Holly has been up to. She met a friends 12 week old Patterdale Terrier puppy- "What are you exactly?" She had a fun time at the beach, hunting bunnies in the dunes and...
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    Do not read if you don't care for Matchy threads (esp Anky)

    OMG- I really, really don't need anymore matchy matchy sets but fuscia and light khaki would look aa-maz-ing on my bright bay boy. And I already have a gilet in that exact khaki colour. And aquamarine is really tempting too...... ****MUST RESIST NEW ANKY COLOURS******