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    Laminitis- when do you call it a day?

    She hasn't ever needed boots or shoes, but she does have very hard feet, always a surprise to me since she's 5/8ths TB. The rest is connie.
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    Laminitis- when do you call it a day?

    I agree with L&M. It's quality of life that matters, and a horse needs to be a horse. I've got a 17yr old wiith EMS who has never managed to be a ridden horse. Sjhe has had a couple of bad bouts but we have got her through them, though she had moderate rotation when xrayed earlier this year. At...
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    Showing - classes in different rings!

    I help run a small local riding club and will always be flexible about coming in late or leaving early if we can be, but obviously can't keep a ring full of people waiting for ages! We try to avoid likely clashes, but it isn't possible to predict every combination of classes that competitors...
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    What’s the most embarrassing thing your horse has done

    My daughter was sitting on her 18h horse at a show, chatting to a friend. The horse reached over the shoulder of a woman who had stopped in front of him and stole her beefburger right out of her hand.
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    Possible ragwort poisoning

    If there was grass in there, I would think they would have concentrated on that, rather than touchng ragwort. I would also agree with PeterNatt that they won't have had time to do themselves any real harm.
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    willing helpers for if you need help with your animals in an emergency

    South Torks/Notts border - dn10 area. Happy to help in between doing my eight.
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    Tips to avoid snow balling in hooves

    We used to use engine oil back in the day.....
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    Oldest horse still being ‘ridden’

    A friend of mine acquired a 13,2 pony which was too much for her kids, so my daughter, who was 11 at the time, rode it for two years. She did XC and showjumping, winning loads up to 80cm, and mounted games at PC and MGA. Then she went back to my friend, who took her daughter to a show one day...
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    Light-hearted: Times you've impressed strangers with your [in]'competence'

    When I was in my teens (50 years ago) I lived near 100 acres of common land that an ex traveller had grazing rights over. He had a herd of ponies, and acquired a group of horse mad girls. Every day the horses came up to be checked in the field. They were used to the routine and came on their...
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    Last of the hay and straw .....

    My supplier (south yorks) says he'll have enough but the quality of much of the straw is poor.
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    Any one own a ‘sporty’ Shire horse??

    I've got a Shire/tb who takes very much after the shire for looks and size - he's 18hh and weighs about 850k. His movement however is much more like a TB. He has been retired for 10 years; he's about 21/22. He was never over worked, ridden only by my 5'4'', 9st daughter. He broke the end off his...