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    Potential liveries beware

    Is this Mawkins farm on the corner on castle hill road???
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    Stables/grazing recommendations or contact details in Ainsworth please ?

    The hacking is pretty poor, lots of road work involved and barely any off road places. Turn out is limited. There are a few yards in close proximity, with a varying mix of small stables, limited turnout, mental yard owners, poor arenas, lack of storage etc there are some good points on some of...
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    Rubber mats and electric fencing

    2 x rubber mats 6x4 heavy duty cost £50 each new £60 Ono Also have electric fencing just like field guard, posts, tape and energiser currently in storage but will get more details if there’s interest. Collection from Helmshore or will deliver locally for a fee
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    Giving up your own horse so the kids can progress?

    I would sell your horse and buy a fell for you and your daughter to share, not that I am at all biased 😊
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    Grass might not be always greener - livery yards?

    Sorry just read this, the turnout thing would drive me crazy, I’m changing my mind and I’d be inclined to move!!
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    Grass might not be always greener - livery yards?

    I’ve not read all of the replies but this is my experience. The best yard I’ve been on was a former dairy farm that had diversified. Own paddocks and storage area, arena (no lights) and good hacking. Purely DIY, but another livery did paid work to pay for her horse. Farmer was great...
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    Setting up a livery help

    I’ve not set up a yard before but I can tell you what I found very useful as a DIY livery. Lots of storage - the best storage I had was in a shared barn that was partitioned off into ‘stalls’ each stable had 1 stall, they were probably 8ft x 10ft. This was where we kept feed/hay/bedding. I...
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    Moving yards, should I give notice?

    I’ve been at a yard where the yo was abusive. I’d heard stories, from her, about her physically abusing property and people too. I chose to give notice, but left before it was over all fully paid up. I didn’t want to but also didn’t want to risk any consequences. If I were you, I’d pay...
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    In-hand showing outfits.....Why so frumpy and 80s??!

    I agree that inhand is all about the horse, but a neat handler sets off the whole picture well. At riding club level I often saw handlers dressed in literally anything, from the 80’s get up to a scrappy vest and shorts with trainers and a fag hanging out of the mouth!!!
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    Trying to find a rider for my gelding..

    I would happily pay to share your horse, when I had mine I shared him with a friend whilst I was going through ivf, she paid £20 a week for a minimum of 3 days. I didn’t ask for a contribution to anything else.
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    Hot water shower

    I used a nomad shower, just filled it with warm water ( couple of kettles and topped it up with cold ) It was ideal, could even take it with me for a cool down spray as it’ll run off battery or the car. I would sell it if you’re interested, I’m pony less now ☹️
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    DIY must haves

    Make nets and feeds for the week in advance, skip out during week and full muck out at weekends. Plenty of rugs to allow for drying, same for numnahs and boots. I always rode first, so pony could cool off whilst I did my jobs and I wouldn’t have to wait for him to dry before rugging...
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    Rules... livery yards

    Ever changing rules according to the mood of the YO I empathise with the above poster, if your horse shat on the yard drop everything to clean it up, including soaping and rinsing! A sweeping rota that you were never told about when it was your turn, until the actual time you had to sweep...
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    Hip hip hooray - they're OUT!

    I really don’t miss this part of keeping horses, always stressing and waiting for YO’s to open fields. Waiting and waiting and waiting, listening to excuses my god the ridiculous excuses!!!! The worst year was having to wait until June before any grazing allowed!! I’m glad for those of...
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    Buying a trailer but too much choice! WWYD?

    I’ve had both equi trek (show trekka) and Ifor Williams. By far the equitrek was my favourite, it towed beautifully and anything that travelled in it travelled really well. The lay out was ideal, plenty of space and storage. I’d read about poor build, ramp and axle problems. Off the top of...