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    Working student video?

    Hi everyone just looking for a bit of advice. I've been applying as a working student to yards for the summer and had a few yards come back asking for a video of me riding. Just wondering what I need to put in the video? I presume keep it basic and simple, wtc, jump a short course of 80-90...
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    Differences in other countries

    I think there is also a difference in what people perceive as hunting for young horses. I live in Ireland and have worked on a breaking yard. Many of the mature 3 year olds spent 5-10 days hunting during their time at the yard. However what we would have called hunting was more like observing...
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    Does falling off make you a better rider?

    I bloody hope it makes me better! I've just done the maths and I average 1.5 hospitals trips a year (for the last 9 years at least) and countless other falls as well. I only have my self to blame tho as I will take a ride on anything I am offered but it's the only way I can get the rides on...
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    What is your "thing"?

    Love tack cleaning, just the transformation for cardboard old mess to clean and supple. I found an old double bridle in my friends tack room yesterday and had great fun stripping it apart. 😊 As a little kid I was obsessed with picking out feet, dont know why exactly but even now I'm...
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    Stirrups w/ a rotating base??

    Exactly like that!! Thank you I couldn't for the life of me find them lol. 😁
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    Stirrups w/ a rotating base??

    Hi guys hoping ye can help me. I'm looking for a specific stirrup but can't find it any where. I rode in them on someone's horse but forgot to ask where they got them 😵 they look exactly like normal iron stirrups but the base rotates slightly. They took the pressure off my(V. weak and...
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    Tips for first visit to Goresbridge!

    Beware of good riders making a tricky horse look rideable. Look out for the same rider/s riding lots of hot looking horses. Sometimes it's just that they happen to be available on the day to ride but often certain riders are better at selling the horse than others. 😉 Don't take it for...
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    Ulcer symptoms? Or something else?

    Thanks guys, everything is very helpful.
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    Ulcer symptoms? Or something else?

    Ok thanks guys 😊 yes dentist has been twice in the last 3 months and nothing of concern has been found in the mouth. Is there any tests for hay fever? Or is it just a case of keep trying nets and stuff untill we find something that works? And any tests for neurological problems?
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    Ulcer symptoms? Or something else?

    I'm currently riding a cob at the moment for someone and need a little advice at the moment. He is displaying some symptoms that seem to point me, the owner and vet towards ulcers but we were wondering if anybody had any experiences that might help us pin point the issue. We are working with a...
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    Spend my money please!

    Thanks Shetland pony 😊 Nato- aw I was hoping for a few deals lol! Thanks for the tips that's great 😄
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    Spend my money please!

    Lol, I'm heading to the Dublin horse show tomorrow and can't wait for the shopping! I've been working all summer so have a reasonable budget (for once-normally everything is bought 2nd hand or in the sales) and have been dreaming of everything I could buy. So please give me ideas! (I also have...
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    Equestrian Sports and Dress Codes

    I don't see the expense side of the outfit we have to wear? Ok yes you do have to pay some money for it, but my white (good) breeches cost me 10€, in a sale (not even second hand!) and they have lasted me 4/5 years of competing so far. I ride in a borrowed jacket that I have as long as I want...
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    Buying Sight Unseen from Ireland

    Sound like a very good idea 😊 how would you go about vetting the breeders and making sure their stock is as advertised though? I'm sure Teagasc and Horse Sport Ireland would be interested, I know Teagasc in particular does a lot of work with breeders, running the young breeders...
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    Working students...

    Thanks everyone you all have given me lots to think about. 😊