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    Tell me about Wintec saddles

    I have a Wintec 500 Wide Cair. I really liked it but, sadly, despite two saddle fitters being sure it fitted, the horse was admant it didn't. I listened to the horse and it's been sitting in my tack room for two years now, waiting for me to get round to selling it. Sadly, with it being brown, it...
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    Livery yard issues am just been grumpy or should I say something to the YO

    I've just hired a network consultant for a grand a day, working five days a week, on a three year contract. He's a bargain. IT security is an extremely well-paid field that's desperate for good staff.
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    2nd weekend in May plans

    I was meant to be stewarding at my local show tomorrow, but am instead trapped at home with covid, staring wistfully at the beautiful weather. Bah!
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    horse transport north west

    Strong recommendation for Jen of Pony Pick-ups. She uses a trailer and pick-up truck, so a lot more payload than a 3.5t lorry.
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    4th weekend in April plans?

    I'm a bit late to the party, because I was in the land of no wifi. However, I spent the weekend hoolying round the Lake District with the magnificent Charlie from Cumbrian Heavy Horses! We had one day up exploring the fells and one day galloping along the beach, and I couldn't tell you which I...
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    If it doesn’t move…

    She's fully embraced the "through, not around/over" ethos, so I'm pretty sure she's a cob. Also, she stays fat on grass/hay and just enough hard feed to get her vitamin E into her.
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    If it doesn’t move…

    Mine hasn't read that bit of the cob manual. The only thing she really enjoys eating is grass and hay.
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    Hat Cam Recommendations

    I'll be taking my Ghost XL to Cumbrian Heavy Horses this weekend, so that should test the battery life more than my usual amble around the block.
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    Dressage turnout

    I'll stick with my tweed, thanks! We're very unlikely to go above prelim, so I think a chunky HW cob looks far more appropriate with me in tweed.
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    Hat Cam Recommendations

    I have a Ghost XL that I love. Battery life runs 6-8 hours, which I think is the best on the market. It feels a bit heavy and unbalanced when you first put it on, but you soon get used to it. A friend on the yard loves her Techalogic, which does front and back recording, but I'm not sure on the...
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    Am I teaching my horse bad habits?

    I use plaiting bands to stop my browband slipping down, if that would work for you? Possibly a bit neater than electrical tape.
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    Neck strap

    Horsemanship Saddlery do nice ones, complete with attachment to saddle. I use a Shires one with a bit of paracord and a cheap carabiner that'll snap in an emergency.
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    490kgs on weight tape

    I'd be doing the same in your shoes, for what it's worth. Better a short, happy retirement than a long, miserable (for both of you) one.
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    490kgs on weight tape

    Mine was weightaped at 490kg (by a vet, as part of a weight-management demo) and weighed in at 590kg on a weighbridge, so be aware that weightapes may be massively understating the case. Mine's 15hh and on a weight loss regime.
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    fulmer snaffle bits!

    The joint depends on your horse's mouth conformation. Mine has a high, narrow palate, so a single-jointed fits her best. For something with a low, flat palate, it would be worth looking at a mullen.