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    Lameness help/reassurance please!

    Mine had something similar to that vet back in two weeks x-rayed and it was broken splint bone.
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    Interesting comment from vet re cost of living

    The vet is not suggesting an operation it would probably be athramid which might make the horse comfortable.
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    Interesting comment from vet re cost of living

    It would also be unprofessional if they didn't mention it and give you some options.
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    Desperate need of advice, horse not right after two surgeries! At my wits end.

    This whole situation sounds strange. If your friend has had no problems for years and then suddenly the horse has kissing spines. I thought kissing spines is something they are born with and therefore there would have been problems at an earlier stage. If he is worse now than before the...
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    Interesting comment from vet re cost of living

    If vet treatment is unaffordable but daily costs of a sound horse are affordable people may PTS and then buy another if horse prices drop. In my case 10K vet bills would buy me something decent but I am choosing to spend that money on trying to save my veteran and if that fails I won't buy...
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    Interesting comment from vet re cost of living

    I agree insurance premiums are rising and the cost of vet bills will go up due to increase in costs. I have been insured for the last 15 years and the max per incident is 5k and that has not changed despite inflation and increased costs of treatments and diagnostics. One month of ulcer...
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    Interesting comment from vet re cost of living

    One is plenty for me too. I don't have the time or money for more than one. Most of the people I know with multiple horses have their own land.
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    Injured rider

    Sorry to hear you have such an awful injury. I would not be surprised if the owner has been advised by insurance company to be careful about doing anything that may be considered admitting liability and not get too involved. It is sad that we are in a situation where people are scared of...
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    Interesting comment from vet re cost of living

    I expect so having just spent nearly 5k at vets to get the impaction in my veteran pony tummy removed and have tests plus the treatment of a glandular ulcer at just under 2k for a month. Not sure at the moment what will be covered by insurance as he has a history of spasmodic colic and not sure...
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    Third Time Lucky

    Bright Night Golden Star Aurora
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    Criollo appreciation thread

    They sound great solid sturdy all rounders. A step up from a cob but not so sharp as warmbloods or TB. I expect if suitably trained would be popular.
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    Omeprazole Injections Cost?

    How does it work with the injection if the drug needs to get into the stomach? My pony is going to have the injection and sucralfate paste. If the paste has to be going into an empty stomach and it takes 12 hours of starvation how does that work?
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    Insurance: yes or no?

    I am insured and have been for the last 15 years. I have had a lot of claims in that time. Absolutely no way would I not insure however I only have one horse. In the last two year claims for 1. Suspensory injury 2. Tendonitis 3. Arthritis and now hopefully going to be doing a claim for...
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    What to do...

    My pony was scoped twice a day for 6 days and didn't colic. Bit of long and expensive experience but after a really bad colic we decided to get him scoped. His stomach was still full and it turned out he had a gastic impaction that was in an unusual place. He went into the clinic and it took...
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    Hot Weather management tips

    I have seen 2 horses get heat stroke one at a show and one at yard. Thankfully the show ground was right next to a vets so the pony was taken immediately there for treatment. Both horses survived but very unpleasant. Unfortunately it is very hot on our yard stables are wooden and very little...