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    Hello from Cornwall!

    Hello and welcome! I’m also in Cornwall 😁
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    Putting a mare in foal

    I echo what others have said about it being a chance if it’s actually going to meet your needs/suit you. Mother in law bred from her show TB mare (it had also had a field accident), foal arrived with a bit of a thud, they both ended up in hospital, several other issues raising him to 4.. and...
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    What is the minimum amount of turnout you would accept on a yard?

    24/7/365 is a dream but no where near me offers this. We have 24/7 turnout from end of Feb (if weather has eased off by this point) until October/November. Nov-Feb they go out at 7 and in by 4. If it’s particularly bad, they stay in but that’s not a set rule.
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    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    Great news Asha, what a cracker 🥰
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    Flat sarcoid....

    If the horse ticks all of your boxes, then for me, I'd go for it. I bought a mare who had two sarcoids in her groin area, one between her teats and a huge one (not flat) just in front. When we bought her someone had tried to band it themselves - and failed. She was uncomfortable even letting us...
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    Trailer maintenance price

    I've paid £120 for a full trailer service.
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    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    I’m sure you’ll get what you ordered! The mare I used is a chestnut & white.. I had my heart set on a bay colt 🤣.. was told by several stud people it was a pipeline hope. Well I got my bay colt 😍, he has a big white blaze like his mum, two socks and a splash (which you can only see from one...
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    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    Just caught up on the thread. Good luck Asha - how exciting!! I’ve got a 3yo by Archie.. he’s amazing so I’m sure yours will be perfect, your mares lovely.
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    Pictures FINALLY! New boy is here 😊

    Gosh he’s gorgeous!!! Enjoy 😍
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    Pictures Ahhh! He’s finally on his way and I am terrified/ rather excited!!

    He’s rather lovely isn’t he! Looking forward to hearing about your progress. He’s got a lovely kind eye!
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    Are WB’s wimps?

    Depends on the day... he took a massive great chunk out of the back of his knee last summer and remained sound pretty much the entire healing process (4 months). It was really really gory and involved me scrubbing it daily - all of which he stood like an angel for. He was only lame when he got...
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    Equi Release gun

    I have one, which I bought to use on my boys rump, hamstrings and on his neck (carefully).. However my husband has stolen it. He uses it every day on his lower back (he's a farrier so gets a lot of soreness there) and really rates it. I've used it 4 times on my boy who is very sensitive and...
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    JB - Just caught up on all of this. Glad to hear MR JB is ok - but what a shock. I know after having Freddie how an aggressive dog can really change your view on dogs and also create an unhappy household. My dogs never switched off, always on alert the entire time he was here. Big hugs, you...
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    Horsey 2020 review

    Started the year with 3, hopefully ending the year with 3. At the beginning of 2020, I had two of my horses at a yard which I thought was going to be amazing but ended up being awful. I had a 2yo and a 7yo both cooped up with no turnout for weeks and weeks - despite my every effort to persuade...
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    How many numnahs / saddlepads do you have?

    4 x sheepskin numnahs 1 x sheepskin half pad i think around 10 lemieux pads in various colours 3 dressage squares 2 poly pad thicker types... I've got a dark bay who looks fab in anything so i go through matchy matchy phases.. my youngster is bright bay, so i'm also looking forward to kitting...