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    Mineral lick for the field..

    A couple of years ago I managed to buy a vitamin and mineral lick which was in a tub trug, didn't have molasses and lasted the winter, I can't seem to find the company now, sorry not very helpful!
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    I swore I wouldn't look at another Arab!

    Yes I agree you can always negotiate on price but it's a big jump down from the price advertised for OP advertised and the budget you had for your new horse, don't forget how much it is to breed and look after these horses, its no wonder people don't breed as many Arabs as people are not...
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    I swore I wouldn't look at another Arab!

    Here are 3 of them :)
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    I swore I wouldn't look at another Arab!

    I have ended up with 9 Arabs somehow all quirky but have lovely personalities!! Agree with other people £3k sounds a fair price for him, if it's the one I'm thinking of he looks a lovely chap.
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    Goodbye my perfect Lily life is so cruel

    So sorry for your loss.
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    No silly prices please...

    It's even worse when family members ask you, I once gave a family member a lift to a sponsored ride, she managed to say thank you and offered me £10, I had to clean up after her horse as well, needless to say I won't be giving her a lift again especially as she has let her trailer rust away in...
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    Sycamore seedlings! I have just read this heart breaking blog, I would fence off and storm and rake up if possible
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    Hoof pick monthly subscription service? 😂

    I use a washing up bowl for picking feet into and the hoof pick stays in there
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    Leather half chaps

    Thank you!
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    Leather half chaps

    Haven't managed to find one in my area, I don't trust our local key cutters/shoe repair shop!
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    Leather half chaps

    Does anyone know if you can safely shrink them? I have a lovely made to measure pair that I've had for a few years but I've lost a bit of weight and they are starting to feel a bit loose.
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    Farrier prices??

    £78 for refits, £80 for a new set, road nails are £1 each I think then pads, gel are extra depending on which pads I have. My farrier is great replies to messages quickly and is always on time and was an hour early last time after asking if he could come early! I'm in the Cotswolds.
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    Standing martingale 😯

    I've just changed one of mine into a standing martingale and the difference is huge, she is so much easier to ride now.
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    Is hacking ‘in a field’ sufficient?

    I train my endurance horses ( up to 160km) on a 600 acre farm but I can't use all of the margins, I have to cross one busy main road to get to the majority of it, but I also lunge and do pole work so they are not hacked every day.
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    The 2019 Badminton XC Thread

    Tina said her horse may have tied up, I hope it is ok, I don't do cross country but love following badminton and so far I am super impressed by Chris Burton's round it looked amazing with the horse jumping out of a good steady rhythm