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    Dog thefts and prevention - Red Dog Spray

    I’ve thought about this a lot. As I’ve said before, Bo is very lead reactive, so if on a road walk, I can’t see anyone getting close enough to grab him. He’s also very wary of men, and when we are off lead in the woods, he’s fine if ignored, (I do call him back to me when we see people), but...
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    Just need a hug (dog related)

    Bo has been messing during the day, and occasionally overnight since the fireworks started. He had been clean for around a year. We did change him from Millie’s to Wolf of Wilderness, not sure exactly when, but possibly around the same time. After speaking to Clodagh last week, we are going...
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    Sweet dreams Doggle berry

    So sorry x
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    To cold for dogs?

    Yep, that’s Luna. The only difference is, she’s not that bothered whether I sleep outside with her, but we’re not allowed to shut the back door whilst she’s outside!
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    First Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Clover x
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    To cold for dogs?

    We have a husky and a border collie, so both have coats to deal with the cold. Both have loved playing in the snow in the garden, and before bedtime wees, can be a bit of a challenge to get them in. When they are indoors though, this happens.
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    Alabama Rot. New cases confirmed.

    Yes, I saw it on FB. We don’t tend to walk there, we stick to Blidworth Woods where the horses are, but it’s not that far away.
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    Alabama Rot. New cases confirmed.

    We’re in the Ashfield area. Am keeping a close eye on our two.
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    Best Head Shot, most likes to win

    Mac, sadly no longer with me, but this face sums him up.
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    Just applied for a doggy

    Everything crossed for you.
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    Vet visit

    Clodagh’s working conditions are what many many of us are having to work with/to. Myself and OH share costs of most bills between us, but that doesn’t mean, I’m happy to just stop working because he can afford to cover the bills. I’m not sure you live in the real world sometimes.
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    Dog Clippers

    I ordered a set of these, admittedly not for the dogs. They’ve given Dolly a couple of small clips, even trimmed tails with them...
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    Dog thefts

    Reading this post makes me glad that Bo is so lead reactive. Would take a brave person to try and take him or Luna with him kicking off. Whether he would actually bite, I can’t say, but who knows. As a previous poster said, our collar tags don’t have their names on, just my surname and contact...