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    what to do at a bsja show?

    Are you a bs member? If not, you will need to contact the Secretary to day for your day ticket for the British novice.
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    XC training riding school Scotland - without own horse

    I had a lesson at ISEC recently with Ian stark on my own horse and I would totally recomend it, I learnt loads . They have school horses so that may a possibility. I haven't been but heard good things about High dyke and they have a xc schooling field.
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    non-horsey parents

    You haven't missed out, you can do it at anytime. I'm in my 40s and now having the horsey lifestyle I dreamed about as a child. Join a riding club, volunteer, go to camps and you’ll meet loads of people. While it would be nice for someone to drive me and pay the bills it's even better to do...
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    Bold career change - part time instructor training?

    Well done, impressive to go straight in at that level.
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    Dressage to music -Help!

    I've just mixed some music using audacity. Wouldn't work on phone or tablet so I used work laptop. The venue was accepting memory sticks. What I failed to realise was that the laptop was encrypted so I couldn't download it :( total fail.
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    xc - landing on a slope/drop fence

    Look forward, if you look down it tips you that way. Be ready to slip reins if necessary. Breathe :)
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    Throatlatch or lash...

    Was always taught lash, haven't heard the term latch before.
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Posted on a Friday evening, can anyone recommend a dentist who can come out tomorrow morning. Seems a little optimistic to me, surely if it's that much of an emergency it's a vet job.
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    Need advice and also an intro 😊

    If you used to be ok with the stirrup length, it may be that you are a bit tight in the hip flexors at the moment. Have a Google as there are lots of exercises online that would help. Worth getting a decent instructor to help as well.
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    Anyone else with fibromyalgia?

    Don't be hard on yourself. I haven't got fibro but after going to a jump lesson, Im also on the sofa and don't really want to move. Fibro must make it a lot worse for you though. Winter is tiring for everyone, hopefully spring will be along shortly.
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    Just a livery moan... Done to death probably

    Irrated by the people at the yard who are most likely to fall off making the most ridiculous safety decisions. Eg. Horse hasn't been rode for weeks, naps and spooks normally despite rider being off all day hacks out in the dark with a string of fairy lights wrapped around them..... Horse scared...
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    Travelling question

    I go through the Tyne tunnel regularly as my yard is close by. Never had any issues in a trailer or 3.5t. It's the normal car price.
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    Sympathetic health issues!

    Neither of us understand portion control and get scruffy even when there is no dirt around.
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    What do you hate that everyone else loves?

    And that people would be terrified to take hunting
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    Showjumping Refusing at 3rd jump at shows!!

    Is it definitely napping eg always when turning away from others or could it be a lack of impulsion from not riding corners effectively? Either way I would stop competing for a while and focus on getting the issue resolved as it's easy to accidentally reinforce the behaviour in a competition...