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    Livery yard routines

    Sorry whats a P.A. Dig? If other horses were out I cant see a problem, I am sure the horse would have settled down again.
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    would you breed from a mare with COPD? shes only 8 - the vet has said its not hereditary
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    How to deal with new people on the yard that you really don’t wanna interact with !

    Remember when you move to your new yard you will be the newbie. How would you feel if someone speaks about you on a public forum like this? Niceness costs nothing....
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    Horse opening his mouth/crossing jaw...

    How old is he? Can you just keep him on a longer rein (with a light contact) until he learns to accept it?
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    Tell me everything about Irish Draughts...

    Every single Irish Draught is different.....
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    What is the hourly rate for a riding job?

    At least £30 per hour spent with horse, tacking up and grooming included in total time if riders doing it themselves
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    Jumping at three???

    It depends what sort of 'outline' - I went to a sale of warmbloods in Bucks somewhere a few years ago - and the 3yr olds there were almost BTV and definately not just backed!
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    Whispering Willows and Alternative sanctuary

    I think the WW woman seems totally bonkers! Trying to load rather wild and frightened horses into the transport in the pitch black, some bloke trying to lassoo them, a horse dies (or is killed by them), and they then remove the video and dont even comment or apologise! I think that is dreadful...
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    Dealers and rescues

    I am just wondering whether people would be concerned buying from a sport horse dealer if said dealer was on the board of a large rescue organisation that hasnt had the best of reports in the past? I believe the same rescue (its in Ireland) was involved in a bit of a scandal a few years back...
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    A wwyd re new horse.....

    Exactly. And theres a few on here who think just because one vet says its got wobblers and KS its a cut and dried case and the buyer will get the money back. Theyl be lucky!! Theres already been one vet who's passed the horse as fit to do the job, x-rays and other diagnostics are only as good...
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    Adopting a Dog from a Rescue Shelter

    So, BizzyIzzy - on Wed lunchtime you feel shes making progress and you are keeping her to see how she goes. Then Thursday you say shes come into season and you are annoyed. Then today you say you are letting her go to another charity and are going to lie to where you got her from and say you...
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    bitless and barefoot.....

    Well being honest, I only regularly come across 2 particular ones in real life, one a parelli type who rides an arab and wears a cowboy hat, and a shorter, plumper lady who rides a 14hh pony and seems to have thick rope reins. They are both very pleasant to speak to however they are both a 'my...
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    bitless and barefoot.....

    If you are a rider who rides 'bitless' or a person who keeps their horse 'barefoot'.... do you try and convert other people? I ride with a bit- usually a snaffle (but on certain strong horses might use something stronger), and my horses are shod. I am happy riding like that, and my horses go...
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    you advertise a horse to sell then don't reply ....why?

    I carry my phone with me and will answer it to callers when I'm out and about. I look at emails on the computer in the evenings, often its hard to read them in the sun, and they take a lot more time to answer than a phone call, so I dont bother looking at them on phone. If I am selling...
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    Equine Colour Genetics

    The greying gene is very common in both Irish Draughts and Connemara ponies so grey is fast becoming the most dominant colour in both breeds.