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    Loaning "deposit"....

    I would never have a horse on loan in these circumstances. If you want me to have it on permanent loan and expect me to hand over a large sum of money to do so for a horse with maintenance issues its called a sale. If it was someone I considered a friend expecting this it would probably end our...
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    Long socks with no chaps

    I do it all the time, including fast work and jumping. I guess it depends what you are used to.
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    Arab and Spanish horse people

    Mine live out 24/7 fully clipped and rugged up. They don't mind the snow and never have. Mine are known as run wild and run free. They don't like being stabled much, so wouldn't stay in happily at home. Strangely they have always been fine stabling at competitions! These arabs are pretty tough!
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    Travelling dilemma

    My little mare always went behind the driver regardless of who she was with as didn't like being next to the ramp, and my friends horse insisted on coming off first, I never had a problem and drove 1000's of miles like it.
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    Countryfile “horse whisperer”

    I had an IH person out to help with a youngster that developed issues being caught rapidly, and surprisingly. I had really hoped they would help, but they made a bad situation a 100 times worse, and it took over a month before I could touch him again. I was hoping for help with some out of the...
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    Livery Issue.

    Do you pay for services? If so he was under their care at the time, and therefore not your problem. When I freelanced I had insurance in place so that if a horse I was dealing with damaged something I was covered. Personally I would be furious at them getting an inexperienced child to turn my...
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    VERY VERY VERY wet gelding

    I used miscanthus for a mare previously getting one bale of shavings a day, we went down to three a fortnight! I would also take the salt luck out, greedy ones will eat it, and then drink and per excessively. I think regular Cushing's tests may be an idea too, I've seen so many younger horses...
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    Uproar as fun ride still going ahead in bad weather

    If it's the one near me, it was an outside hire and not organised by the venue. That said, it would have been so wet in places that you could end up with no shoes and a knackered tendon in walk as the ground gets deadly very quickly. They would also have got much of the flack from not cancelling...
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    Full clip and living out over winter

    Mine live out fully clipped every year. I've never had any problems but do have plenty of rugs.
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    Racing exercise saddle

    The last few yards I've worked on all the horses have been ridden in full tree saddles. I have a saddle company one, and it's great. I've also done endurance in it, up to 50 miles with no issues. Personally I would no longer use a half tree.
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    Bolting at the mount & dismount. HELP!

    Firstly, have you spoken to anyone who knew him when he was racing? This would help to know if it was historic. I have come across a couple who are fine, as long as you don't ask them to stand. Secondly, ulcers, I would always check them for staying clear several times post treatment following...
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    A yard WWYD

    My horses are shod in the lay-by. Have had teeth done their too, although we do have a stable at the yard our field owner has which is very helpful.
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    17 Stone beginner rider

    The riding school I taught at did have one horse that had a weight limit of 18 stone. Sadly the horse was eventually PTS, but was well over 25! Tell your friend to try an army saddle club, they are set up for larger men and teach lots of that size.
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    My little horse is gone

    What a horrible shock for you. Take care of yourself.
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    More Arab buying!

    Any time. Two of my friends have bought Tannasg horses, both will be that size and chestnut is the norm. They are in Scotland though, it was a long way to travel!