1. A

    Meaning of KWPN “Stb-ext”

    Can anyone tell me what “Stb-ext” means in relation to KWPN breeding? I noticed it when looking at the family tree of some horses I have been viewing. Thank you!
  2. I


    Elite Stallions are running an online competition targeting a client who had apparently complained about poor sperm. (Comments criticising the same are deleted)
  3. C

    Is there an age limit for a maiden mare?

    Afternoon all, the reason I ask this as I was always told it depends on the individual horse. Yet I had my vet out for vaccinations today and we were having a chat and he told he he'd been to see a horse today that was in foal for the first time at 22! I jumped back in shock thinking this was...
  4. C

    Mushroom test

    Not sure if those of you on here who are into colours/genetics are aware already, but there is now a test for Mushroom dilution in Shetland ponies And this is the study that found the autosomal recessive mutation responsible...
  5. S

    Pink Papers and how to price my horse?

    What does it mean if my horse is pink papered please and what valuation difference does this give my horse? I have the pink papers and her full background of breeding as she is a pedigree. I am currently thinking about selling her and I have no idea how to price her. She is a German sports...
  6. ahorseandadog

    Questionnaires if anyone wouldn't mind sparing a moment!

    A friend of mine has asked me to pass around a couple questionnaires around - she's doing some research on stallions and any answers would be massively appreciated. If you have ever bred a horse, or own a mare and are considering breeding her - please answer this...