1. Islay Falconer

    2024 Olympics equestrian tickets

    I know it’s a bit early to actually buy them! But does anyone who’s been before know where and when you can buy Olympics tickets for one of the equestrian events? Would love to see the dressage. The setting at Versailles looks fabulous and it’s not too far either!! Thanks:)
  2. F

    Flatwork exercise ideas

    I love doing flatwork, and my competition horse does too. It's a huge part of our daily routine! I'd love to know what some of your favourite flatwork exercises are as any time I ask my horsey friends they always recommend something really interesting that I can add to my flatwork routines...
  3. F

    Vivaldi / Sandro hit

    Any thoughts on this breeding? It’s a nice seeming dressage youngster with Sandro hit as dam sire. Temperament will be key as it’s for an experienced amateur. Thanks
  4. All

    men`s show jackets

    yes it`s another thread about men`s clothing men`s (dressage) show jackets and just a small rant has any one else found that finding a men's show jacket that fits extremally difficult and when you do they cost more than some peoples wages none of the local tac shops near me either...
  5. T

    Long and low is wrong???

    Hello, I ended up on a Facebook profile of a classical dressage enthusiast and they were commenting on a article on how to stretch your horse. https://horsesport.com/magazine/training/forward-down-key-correct-stretching-posture/ they were saying that riding long and low is actually wrong for the...
  6. M

    Dressage trainer recommendations - East Anglia

    Can anyone recommend a dressage trainer who can help my friend who is now working at Advanced Medium. She has two horses one of which is having problems with flying changes. This horse and rider combination are just not getting it together and we are looking for a trainer/rider who can both sit...
  7. M

    Stud Girth’s in dressage?!

    Hi all, quick question, I am competing this weekend (combined training) and was wondering are stud girth’s allowed for the dressage? I haven’t got much time between dressage and show jumping so was just going to Dressage in my jump saddle/girth. Is that allowed? Thanks :)
  8. C

    Renvers or travers?

    One of the cobs i ride I am looking to further his lateral work now! But having never actually taught a horse renver or travers before I'm a bit stumped at which to teach first? My Instinct says travers
  9. X

    Music for horses?! Helping my horse focus

    Hi all, So I have caught the dressage bug with my gorgeous ittle highland X cob. He is going better every day (we’ve been training a lot over summer as our yard was on lockdown so it was schooling or nothing!) plus my instructor is really helping me improve how effective my riding is...
  10. A

    Make up to cover bald patches and scabs

    I have a very fair Haflinger mare who looks practically palomino. She's suffered from a severe allergic reaction to fly bites. I've got a show booked in a few weeks which I can't cancel. By that stage of the bites healing she'll still have bald spots and a few scabs. Has anyone had any luck...