Kate Greenhalgh neglect


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28 March 2011
I wonder what her plan was to be honest. Start feeding them early spring and hope owners dont notice the lack of condition? No idea at all what she was thinking...yet intent is suggested by her actions to hide them from her main yard.

The broodmare afterall lost the foal due to starvation. How was she going to explain that?
This is the bit that’s so difficult to understand .
I could understand scrimping on hard food or not giving a supplement you said you would provide .
But you can’t fail to provide forage to broodmares and expect to wing it into spring it does not work .
Shes not inexperienced.
I don’t know that you can say she set out to hide them many working yards have little grazing .
The landowner ought to have done something they do have a duty of care for animals belonging to others that are on their land .
The sentence is inadequate I don’t know if the horses owners can pursue this , If a ban was avoided by pleading guilty this is wrong people taking money for caring for animals should if anything be held to a higher standard .
BE a and the other affiliated sports should ban her she has brought professional sport in to disrepute .They would have banned if she had a temper tantrum in public and beat her horse at a show .

The current welfare act was supposed to help there be intervention before animals where in extreme situations it’s clearly failed in this case .
Personally I think that the situation in this country is untenable .
We need to add the responsibility for animal welfare and the law to the polices remit
and perhaps add responsibility for it to the officers who deal with wildlife crime .
This would need more man power and of course it’s costs money .


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27 September 2020
Signed both petitions.

I find it so hard to understand why it takes the animal welfare authorities so damn long to act upon reported neglect. It is the same where I live (The Netherlands). People do not report these cases willy nilly, most of the times the neglect is clearly visible, continual, and in your face.

Is it because an animal is legally not a 'person' but a goods? (I'm hopeful this will be changed in the future, many organisations are lobbying for this.)


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3 April 2013
We don't have animal police here in the UK, only charities. So I'm guessing it's down to finite resources / priorities / capacity.