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17 July 2013
In between the Midlands and the North
And yesterday they came within 1.5 miles of here, maybe even closer, but that's where son no 1 saw them when he was out on a bike ride. No notification.

This pic also claiming to be from yesterday and shown on an anti's page shows hounds running along the main A49 road about 3 miles from here. The A49 in Cheshire is the 9th most dangerous road on Britain. This is insane. Now, I'm sure that the pro hunts and the anti hunt version of how this came to happen will differ markedly, but it was madness.


This is all ramping up and IMHO is going to end up with fatalities. All the more reason for us locals to be notified of when to keep our animals in and our heads down.
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30 December 2009
You would think they would want to keep the local country/horsey folk on side with the amount of opposition they get from anti's. I'm neither for/against and have hunted in the past but with the attitude today of being so disrespectful to the locals in the communities they ride through its put me off being part of it anymore. We don't get informed and have no way of finding out either as local landowners with horses