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    Ulcers - time of year related ??

    Highly recommend coligone. One of our mares had grade 3 ulcers 4 years ago. we sorted the ulcers out with the prescribed drugs from the vets but ongoing she has coligone. She has daily dose of the powder along with the fibre cubes they do and then has liquid as extra during any stressful...
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    Anybody else's ponies shivering?!

    1 of mine was today. She had a lightweight sheet, lightweight stable and heavy 400g full neck turnout on so put her an extra 200g full neck turnout under aswell. She was warm tonight
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    what is it with prospective buyers????

    Never thought of that Sprig ill def do that then. Its a hard enough process as it is but to add this gassle in its just a nifhtmare like you say
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    what is it with prospective buyers????

    Sprig - thats where the problemies they all go away then ring up agreeing the sale so hence no deposit taken but if someone takes us up there and then ill be wanting a deposit and hopefully 10%
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    what is it with prospective buyers????

    Russianhorse thats awful for your friend being messed around and loosing out on yards but very good fantastic news that youve now made him yours. Just hope the right person comes along soon
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    Field shelters tested by you!

    We bought 2 x 24x12 field shelters each split into 2 (so 4 stables) from Redmires. So pleased with them weve had them about 6 years now
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    what is it with prospective buyers????

    Sherry shame you arent wanting one now. I really need her gone before they go out for the spring. Though i wont just sell her to anyone everyone is checked out before they come. She doesnt cost me anything to keep luckily as I have my own place so if when you cone to start looking drop me a...
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    what is it with prospective buyers????

    Rowan im so glad we never agreed a day or i wouldve been fuming. Cant believe you got so far down the line with the loan. I think its a disgrace what some buyers do.
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    what is it with prospective buyers????

    Bit of a grumble. Im not a fan of selling horses but needs must at the moment. 1 of my mares is up for sale. Shes sensible but I wouldnt say she was a novice ride. Ive had 2 prospective buyers. Both agreed to buy her then text the following day/days when suposed to be arranging to collect but...
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    If you're selling a horse, please have manners!

    Silly woman. Just ignore her. Ive had the opposite recently. Had a viewing of 1 of my horses on sunday. Friend rode her for me, then potential buyer, then her friend, then potential buyer got back on for a hack out! Sunday night she agrees a price for horse and tack and says will ring back...
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    Thoughts on clipping now?

    Ive clipped 1 of mine full out today. Ill being doing another tomorrow and the final 1 on saturday. Imho it doesnt really affect their summer coats whether theyve started to moult or not.
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    Itchy horse

    I have a haffy that loves to rub for no apparent reason. She rubs herself raw. Its not just one specific part of her body either, face, ears, legs, quarters you name it. Vets cant pin point thd problem even though theyve done skin scrapings etc. Sweet itch has been ruled out. She wears a fly rug...
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    saddle fitters

    Wench: the tack man is definitely still on the go. Definitely give him a ring OP
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    struggling :(

    really need some help. my horses have been part of my family for a long time. I had a baby last september, then unfortunately I had to have 2 of them put to sleep this year so now I am left with3. Although this on one hand has been very upsetting, it has helped me out as I have a 10 month old...
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    there are some lovely people in the world -more so I met one off here - dingle12

    I know people dont always see eye to eye on here but I just wanted to post on here as Ive met such a great friend through this forum. She doesnt live far from where I live and has been such a support to me and my mum over the summer with my horses. I found out I was pregnant early on in the...