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    Lymphoma in horse, Questions

    I had a homebred with lymphoma. She had a little lump under her eye which didn't go away. After various treatments, it was biopsied and lymphoma diagnosed. She couldn't have steroids, as she'd had laminitis once a few years before. When the lump was an irritating size it was removed to...
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    Spraying Paddocks

    Depends what you are spraying for. Graze on is general. Best to ask where you are buying it from to check.
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    When is time to move up in dressage

    Depends on the platform. The one I use makes people move up after 2-3 70%+ scores. I guess they like getting big numbers, or are scared to move up?
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    EHV 1 Outbreak

    Have we learnt nothing in the last year?
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    Strangles test...arghh!!

    I'm afraid things get lost all the time. if you send enough out, some will not arrive. I post out 30-50 parcels a weeks, and probably a couple a month get lost.
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    Best electric fence testers

    I have the probe in the ground one. Also works if you hold the probe in your hand, lol 😳🙄
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    Acoustic ears

    I had some, but horse has ridiculously large ears and they wouldn't stay on, so gave up with them. Did seem to help through.
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    Helite air gilet??

    I'm also 5'2" and a size 12. I bought a large in the gilet, but have a small in the regular vest.
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    😢 I feel so bad! Itchy horse

    Check out Goodbye Flys. Has made a massive difference to out SI horse.
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    Sweet itch and clipping.

    Our SI horse is clipped all year round. Much easier to manage him, and he's happier.
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    Dressage trainer recommendations - East Anglia

    Depending where in East Anglia. Zara Pawley would be able to help.
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    Anyone seen swelling like this?

    So sorry to hear this, you did everything you could.
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    Pictures Shy's Clip In Pictures 😉

    I took a similar amount off a 3/4 TB tonight with cushings. Never seen him with 4 inch long hair before!
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    Poll tension whilst being ridden

    Maybe get a chiropractor or osteopath to look at him. Made a big difference to my horse.
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    Dust free, small muck heap bedding

    I don't understand this. Shavings take for ever to rot down. Cardboard goes to mush really quickly. I have 8 on it, and my muck heap is the smallest its ever been. Have you ever left a bit of cardboard outside? It soon disappears. Speaking to a farmer the other day who spread shavings on a...