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    Obedience competition - what to expect?

    well done. have you looked at rallyO ? it is quite fun.
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    White hairs from ill fitting saddle

    mine has some white hairs that dissapear in the summer coat.
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    Food advice - kibble

    cannot fault skinners duck&rice,lamb&rice or salmon&rice. £30 a sack and lasts my 2 with combined weights of 9stone 6 weeks as they have a tin a day between them too. on occasion when i have run out,i have purchased a bag of harringtons to tide us over which results in massive poos.
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    What do you feed your sweet itch horses?

    alfaA is the (used to be yellow? ) bag was really bad for bad that she couldnt be stabled as rubbed so much. after many years of lotions and potions the only product that works for us is Biteback silver. mine have good quality hay and veg.
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    solar top up question

    any links to these that people have and are pleased with ?
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    solar top up question

    please can you recommend a solar panel to top up my leisure battery/keep it topped up? fed up with carting said battery about. has to be cheap and cheerful and do you just clip them on? thanks :)
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    Setting up an electric fence

    if your site is windy then the tape will flap about and loosen the posts.
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    Mystery reoccurring cuts/irritation at back of fetlocks

    once mended the skin will be thickened/scar tissue/dry and will be prone to cracking.
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    Electric fencing Query

    tape will flap about if on an exposed site and you will be forever tightening it.
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    poo pickers elbow (or more commonly known as tennis elbow)!!!!?

    there is also golfer`s elbow (which i believe is outside as opposed to tennis inside? ) i think my was caused by lifting the scoop/bucket so use 2 hands got better on it`s own during a winter with using different mucking out tools.
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    I am DONE

    teach your dog recall by wacking it around the head when it gets it wrong. :(
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    Dog walking AIBU

    i see many people using a ball lobber for their entire walk,i dread to think what injuries they are storing up for the poor dogs :(
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    as someone who runs,dog walks and also runs with my dogs,i can see both sides of this. i always shout ahead `coming through` and prepare to slow down if not heard. the worst thing is people ambling along oblivious to everything,on a fone with a flexi lead. yes,racing/timing yourself is a thing...
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    agricutural vs equestrian use

    i believe you can switch back to ag anytime by just doing it?
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    Irrational annoyances...

    I cannot read this thread as i have just spent 2 days picking baler twine out of the muck heap.