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    Neck protection when riding

    Rodney Powell do a neck support , firm foam pad with velcro attachment. Viovet seem to stock them, but note the "stock" in the pictures is not part of it. I've had one for ages and still use it.
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    Wintec outer screws

    I just changed the gullet on my Wintec and the screw seemed too small for the hole. Then I noticed that there was a 'nut', which was loose and had fallen out of the hole. If you look on ebay it is listed as a gullet nut. The screw goes into the gullet and the nut sits on the back of the hole in...
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    Help me find the Shetland Musical Ride

    Was it Faxi Islandic Horses rather than Shetlands. Quite a few videos on you tube - Islænder show - Roskilde Dyrskue 2017 etc I remember seeing a great video that I think was on the Horse and Hound Saturday Social media roundup. I think it was Facebook or Instagram not You tube, but it was...
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    Manege construction

    Try Equitex
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    Pallards Son and Saphire

    Pallards son VII moved to Pembroke a couple of years ago.
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    Anyone seen any Swallows yet??

    Still waiting for my swallows to return (West Shropshire) but I did see two sitting on a phone line yesterday. Also found a report in the Guardian from 10 April saying migration of Swallows and Swifts affected by high winds in the Mediterranean:-...
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    body protectors, what for?

    Another vote in favour of back protectors here. I was thrown with some force (not by the horse just the centrifugal forces !!) on to a stone wall when the horse I was riding was chased across a heath by a barking dog. At the end of the track over the heath was a stone wall - horse turned right...
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    info on pallards son - possibly in shropshire somewhere???

    Finally managed to add a picture of Pallards Son and his mum Amber: see below (I hope). He's a hansom chap. Also put picture of his dad Pallards Pride on a separate thread. The breeder used to have two shire mares but now only has one TB?xcob? mare (Bridget?). They all seem to have/had lovely...
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    Only really signed up to post some pictures in response to thread asking for info and photos. Also I read helpful threads from time to time so thought I should contribute something too.
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    Info on Pallards Pride - TB Stallion

    I have an old picture of Pallards Pride as a two year old when he was being broken but not sure how to post it as I'm new to this - hope it loads. The breeder kept him with two shire mares for many years (Duffy and Lavender - I think) both sadly passed away now. He also had many visiting...