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    Fell ponies

    Sweet itch as others have said. Stubborn and self-opinionated like no other but loving and sure footed. Mine is a naughty schoolboy but I love him to absolute bits.
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    Kate Greenhalgh petition

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    Hello from me

    Signed and good to see you back.
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    Livery yards in Goole East Yorkshire

    Will do. Thanks.
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    Livery yards in Goole East Yorkshire

    Thank you. Looking forward to moving.
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    Livery yards in Goole East Yorkshire

    We're looking to relocate to East Yorkshire and will need livery, preferably DIY for two geldings under 15.2hh, fairly close to Goole. Any suggestions or places to avoid please?
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    Finally back on board!!

    Really good news. So good to hear of someone that listens to their horse and takes advice. You are a credit to horse ownership and Prince is very lucky x
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    Door banging

    Fantastic idea! I'm going to try this tonight. My boy is an absolute bugger for kicking the door.
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    Further to the it was all going too well thread

    Probably already been covered but is there any Alfalfa in the chaff? One of ours becomes unhinged on a single feed of it.
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    Do you bring your horses in during bad weather?

    Yard has said all in overnight from tonight. Brought them in and tbh they were ready. They're always out well before 9 am until 5pm and out 24/7 Spring until the weather gets wet so can't grumble at that.
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    Stick to the rehab plan you galactic moron..

    Nothing helpful to add but I really like the title of the thread.Hope all goes well x
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    Some feed balancers have alfalfa in. Sends one of ours absolutely loopy.