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    Dressage to Music - stickers

    thank you. I did look on the ppl website and the rights are contradicting the actual cd... ::)
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    Dressage to Music - stickers

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    Dressage to Music - stickers

    I've done "the hard bit" - put music together, burnt the disc, hope my floorplan works to the music as haven't been able to run through the final version... have done the ppl licence forms to bd and received stickers. However, I thought it would be a case of receive stickers - put them on the...
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    Posting photos using Flickr?

    been a while since I used flickr but if you right click the image, go to "copy image location" or phrase that seems similar to that (I use firefox on linux so wording may be different)... on the h&h forum, put [img*]right click and paste link in here[/img*] and don't put in the asterisk*
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    Towing with a new L200 warrior double cab

    I have recently bought a series 5 warrior. Love towing with it and like general driving with it too. The warrior and barbarian have reversing cameras - very useful for hitching up and the image is accurate. The newer (ie series 5) models are more fuel efficient than the hilux (one reason I chose...
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    Yard trying to dictate how many times my horse is ridden

    That's really odd - my horses can be worked every day of the week sometimes as i know they will get a break for whatever reason - doesnt happen often but possible. If you want your horse fit and it's capable then what's the problem?
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    Horses living out- how often are yours checked?

    visit twice a day. land owners often walk round the field so if there was an obvious issue they could call. sometimes can be seen from the road but there are trees making it not always possible. Don't leave fly masks on overnight. I visit more if riding/farrier/dentist etc and don't hesitate to...
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    Horse VERY bothered by flies when ridden

    as above- try an ear bonnet, horse probably worried the flies will get in the ears.
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    Fence walking

    one of mine does it at times of stress - usually physical. When he had a big cut on his leg and I wanted to let air get to it (had already been bandaged a while) he wouldn't settle. First time he fence walked got the vet out, they gave pain killer and he settled but I also Put on a bandage (of...
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    Relocating Inverness shire

    Lots of horsey places up in the area- sure you'll find plenty of people/horses. There are 3 BD venues I know of within about an hour of inverness. Not so sure about jumping as i'm further east
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    Neue Schule Dressage legal bit recommendations from universal

    eggbutt version of transangled or hanging cheek would be very similar
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    Saddle Query

    I second trading standards. They were very helpful when I had issues with a saddle fitter - they acted as a go between and I eventually ended up with my money back (but I hadn't forked out as much!). TS were at the point of telling me to take the saddle fitter to small claims court so I included...
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    Those of you who ride other people's horses

    I am generally with Red-1. If it's health that's at risk - that included danger to myself (ill mannered horses) or them (lack of care in some way -feet/rugging(over and under)/stabling etc) then walk away. Also can't cope with owners that mess with the horse's routine "to improve things", don't...
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    Turnout before competing

    Ditto others - stick to normal routine, turn out then bring in when you need to get ready to go and by the time they've been in, groomed, travelled, tacked up etc they've not been out as long as usual anyway.
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    Horse Trailer / Box License

    you can drive a van providing it's 3.5tonne or less without taking any additional test.