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    Following on from 'dying breed' - are we all competing less?

    Having never been in a position to compete, it was always "The Goal" to be able to go out and win lots of rosettes and show off my lovely horse. Now I've got a (mostly) lovely horse the idea of it is much less appealing. I'd much rather go out to a clinic or a lesson, or even just arena hire to...
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    Is my horse fat it or is it just her build

    I'm in a similar boat, D is slightly overweight, not enormous but looks much bigger than he is! However I don't have the problem of people not telling me, can we swap 😂
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    Transport Exeter to Herts - any ideas?

    Have PM'd you :)
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    Plus size show jacket?

    I fell in love with an Equetech jacket at Badminton, I am a tad top heavy (36GG) and their biscuit tweed was a perfect fit and v. flattering!
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    Itchy horse

    Anyone else's itchy at the moment? D seems to be struggling a bit, especially mane, tail, nose and back! No change in management in the last two weeks it's been happening, he's unrugged, naturally quite a hot horse (temperature wise) and a smidgen overweight but we're working on it. I'm...
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    Saddle fit and the young horse

    My 6yo is on the 5th saddle in the 2 years I've had him - all assessed by saddlers. I rely heavily on the advice I get from professionals so it's been interesting to see what different advice I've had from different people! But based on threads on here, guidance from pros, and a bit of common...
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    Harsh riding by showjumping kids

    We had something similar at an unaffiliated event I was stewarding at, child was only around 6 but riding incredibly aggressively with Dad cheering her on! They'd brought two very tense looking ponies, one of whom was jumping everything, the other was a bit sticky and she got very cross and...
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    Weekend plans :D

    Thanks DF :) I have been watching a load of videos and reading articles but hadn't seen that one! Every cloud though, he's had a really good stretch and I can now get a lovely lateral step and stepping backwards on the ground - just the forward which is the issue 😂
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    Weekend plans :D

    I was supposed to be recovering from pony club camp but that was a total non-starter. Barsteward decided loading was not in his repertoire and after 5 hours across two days with both a 3.5 and a trailer we called it quits on a semi-positive because even if we could get him there I was having...
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    Weekend plans :)

    Respectable test for Mr D this morning - despite riding like a plank he managed a very tidy 62.17% to keep us just out of the placings. Even though it was at home he's been very spooky in one particular corner of the big arena and I wasn't sure how he'd cope with the car and noise of the warm up...
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    Weekend plans :)

    Busy week for the chunky pony, second ever dressage competition on Sunday (only at our yard, and only an intro but still exciting!) have chosen intro C over intro A so fingers crossed that means a smaller class with a chance of a frilly ;) Then off to baby camp on Tuesday at Pontispool, first...
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    Oh yeah, this is why i do it!

    Thank you! It really did remind me why we do it! We're still a long way from being back to where we were but it's a big step in the right direction :) Thank you! Fingers crossed it carries on!
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    Conformation conundrums

    I don't mind submitting D for analysis 🙈 conformation was not a consideration when I bought him, but looking now I know he's pigeon toed and slightly cow-hocked. I'm sure there are other things to pick out and bearing in mind the guides posted above its not a great picture but would be...
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    Oh yeah, this is why i do it!

    I've posted loads about my very tricky winter with D. Fencing issues meant no turnout, no turnout meant wired pony, wired pony meant trip to A&E after being left on the concrete. I don't blame him, but it shook me up in a big way. 8 weeks holiday, an inch or two taller and at least 4 wider (ah...
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    Hoof pick monthly subscription service? 😂

    I always find mine about 5 minutes after I arrive at the yard with the one I've just bought to replace it. There's a conspiracy, a conspiracy I tell you! *shakes fist*