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    What would you choose from the poll

    I just trail, happy hack or whatever you like to call it. Dressage bores me to tears, and I am not brave or competitive enough to jump, showing with my horse is very breed specific and there are no shows in Canada for us, anyway, he isn't good enough. I used to be pretty fanatical about hunting...
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    What do people think about horses living out 24/7 including winter?

    I will never keep horses in again, if l had one that would really benefit then it would just be in a crew yard. My reasons are plain and simple, l am lazy, I don't do mucking out or clock watching anymore, l haven't for 15 years. I hated having to turn out or bring in because l had to ( yard...
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    Would you use a poo picking service?

    If l had the spare cash l might in one field that is too steep to safely get a vehicle and trailer in, you wouldn't catch me going in there with a barrow. I harrow my dry lots though. Going rates? Hmm, minimum wage l guess.
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    Should you change your horse's registered name? Is it unlucky?

    I do not think it is unlucky, if something is going to happen it is going to happen whatever the horse is called. Do I think you should change a registered name ? No. Absolutely not. It is the horses identity, the breeders put time, money and effort to getting your horse on the ground, they...
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    I've booked my horse in with the vets to be PTS

    :( I think making an appointment and counting down the days is very hard, different from having to make an instant decision. Always a sucky decision to make, but I do feel relieved when I have made it. Thinking of you and I hope that you enjoy your days with her, and that all goes peacefully.
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    Buying a known lami pony

    If it is otherwise perfect yes, it is not hard to keep a pony on a dry lot and manage their diet and exercise.
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    If you have/had an equine career, what is it?

    I have done all sorts, trekking, riding schools, event yards, endurance, racing lastly had my own boarding facility for 8 years, great clients, my own boss, my own hours - the worst part, after 8 years, 7 days a week, and about 7 nights away (over that time) I was knackered. Hated horses. Hadn't...
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    I can't wait to .....

    Lucky you, enjoy, we are still in total lockdown, no eating out for us, unless it is a takeout :( Really not quite the same. Also, doubly lucky you because you have proper bacon, not the fatty skinny travesty that passes for bacon here. :D
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    I can't wait to .....

    It to cool down just a couple of degrees, and for the humidity to do one. It is only 28c but just moving today is an effort, I want to ride, horse hates the heat.
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    how to keep my ponies safe?

    I would keep them at home and feed hay if you have to supplement their forage.
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    Domosedan gel

    I use it all the time, as everyone says, get it under the tongue and it is very effective. I have never had it not work although sometimes it is trial and error on dosage. I always have a couple of syringes spare.
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    If not horses then what?

    Aha, thankyou! Sounds very challenging and a massive achievement, my legs would literally fall off, l can't walk a mile up a road without my knees threatening to fall apart. 3000' ! Trivia here, there is nowhere in my Province even as high as that.
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    Tangent thread - are long manes dangerous in your opinion?

    There was a video floating around a while ago of the rescue of a Welsh mare with foal at foot on the marshes ( which are tidal, she would have drowned) She had got a back foot tangled in her long and knotted mane, probably not a one off scenario with wild/ ferals.
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    If not horses then what?

    What is Munro bagging o_O it sounds kind of .... :eek:
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    Tangent thread - are long manes dangerous in your opinion?

    I keep his mane medium length and dirty, I spend a lot of time grabbing hanks of it, we spend a lot of time airborne :D I couldn't wrap my hand in a pulled mane. I have to say that I have shortened the carthorse's mane, and chopped all her feather off, she looks almost like a proper old...