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    Searching for Drama Queen by Centus

    As her ownership hasn't been changed, perhaps she is still owned by Peter Charles, he has close connections with Pembers Hill Stud.
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    Bag it up and advertise on Freecycle. I used to do that and had to take the ad down very quickly as I was inundated with replies!
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    For BHS members!!!!

    Thank you very much, will do and I've sent you a PM :)
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    For BHS members!!!!

    I have a cheeky request . . . is there a kind BHS member out there who won't be using their RIHS ticket this year? I'd love one please ;) Happy to post SAE
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    Pembers Hill Stud - is it still running???

    The mobile number is on their website
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    Pembers Hill Stud - is it still running???

    They are still going. I know them well and am over that way on Tuesday. Can I pop in with a message from you? PM me if you would like me to!
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    RIP Dawn Wofford (nee Palethorpe)

    Me too - those were the days, when showjumping made prime time tv (and my parents used to let me get up again to watch it; bedtime was 6pm!!)
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    Pembers Hill Stud - is it still running???

    I am friends with the girl who is/was their head stable girl so I've just sent her a message on FB to ask . . . . . I know emailing would probably be a waste of time though!
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    looking for foaling livery for next march

    Not in south Dorset but not a million miles away - try Pembers Hill Stud, they take mares for foaling. Mine went there and they know what they are doing!
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    newforest yearling! how big will he make?

    You might find this site useful :
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    following Poldark thread I love the horses in the 3 Muskateers!!

    Series 3 starts filming in April :) YAY!!!!!!
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    Brian has failed his exams

    I had to smile when the Police wanted to change his name. Nothing wrong with Brian (suits him actually) and their existing horses don't always have "tough" names. I was a Gamesmaker at Greenwich Park in the Accreditation Office. A couple of mounted Met Police turned up one day and had to have...
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    Horse Transporters

    what area? I could recommend someone but she is based in West Sussex
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    RIP Richard Meade

    Sad news indeed, he was a charming man. I met him at Tweseldown when he judged my youngster in the Young Event Horse In-hand Championships (and was quite overcome that he was one of the judges!) and again at the Olympics when I was a GamesMaker. A lovely, lovely man and my condolences to his...
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    Mounted Policeman Tells off Biker in London...

    I love the way the copper just casually walked his horse out in front of him!