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    Is there anything you actually prefer cheaper versions/brands of

    Hay nets! Mine seem to eat them and they never last very long so I usually buy cheap ones. I have bought expensive ones and they still end up full of big holes (double netted for greedy ponies). Not sure I can justify 6 trickle nets😳
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    Physio for pony in Lancashire- suggestions please??

    I would ask your vet to recommend someone.
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    Really good name for a dog

    I have a Scout (pointer) and wanted to call the next one Drum (no idea why just liked it) but when I saw a picture of him he suddenly became Cole. So Drum or Bear.
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    Retirement Livery - Lancs, Cheshire, Merseyside, N Wales

    My mare spent some time at Cheshire retirement livery near Crewe. (She needed to be turned away after treatment and we didn't have the facilities at the livery yard in winter) I was very happy with her treatment and I was always made very welcome. They have a website and fb page. If I needed...
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    Should you be able to see a cobs ribs?

    You mean cobs have ribs!?! 😂 Lol. I'd like to be able to feel them come spring and maybe just about see them through a summer coat. As Goldenstar says I would also be watching muscle tone too x
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    Legs swelling

    My mares legs used to swell in winter. We have very restricted winter turnout too. I used stable bandages at night and magnetic boots during the day. In an ideal world more turnout would be fantastic but it's not an ideal world. It's also not always possible to get someone else to ride for you...
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    Barefoot horse slipping on concrete

    Could you put a piece of rubber matting there?
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    Thermatex versus weatherbeeta thermotex

    I have a mark todd coolex (thicker than a standard thermatex) and a thermatex. I think the thermatex is better for drying off but the coolex is great as a day rug. Both from eBay at a fraction of their original price. X
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    Soft shell breeches recommendations

    Decathlon, kipwarm jodphurs. I'm on my second winter in mine and love them.
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    auto towing car recommendations

    How about a Ford Kuga? I tow a Bateson deauville (about 860kg) and a cob (about 500kg) easily. I believe the new model has a lower towing capacity but mine was 2500kg. Great to drive and definitely room for dogs! X
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    What's made you smile today?

    My little cob who just makes me smile as soon as I see him. Tries his absolute hardest to please and is just utterly so big and daft you can't help but love him and my daughters coloured cob who waited til I was looking at him to roll in the mud puddle. I had the last laugh as my daughter had...
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    Barefoot trimmer required

    If you have fb look up barefrills. She is based in Leigh, fab lady x
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    Farrier/ barefoot trimmer recommendations - Tameside/Saddleworth

    I have a lovely Trimmer who comes to Ashton/Oldham. Her name is Terrin if you haven't found someone let me know and I'll pm you her number.
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    Horsey clothing - where to shop without the massive price tag!

    Another vote for Decathlon. I have their kipwarm breeches which are great for winter (soft shell and fleecy lined) and a coat that must be into its 3rd winter now with a zip out body warmer. There hiking fleeces are usually 3 for £20 and are great (but not very generous in size I find). Aldi...
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    affordable wellies for winter - recommendations please

    If you have a Decathlon near you I would recommend there's, they are in the hunting section and are neoprene lined so lovely and warm in the winter. They come with a 2 year guarantee but my last ones managed 5 years. Think they are about £50.