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    Summer...ID bought unseen from Ireland...

    What a fantastic thread - so pleased for you, OP! Having just bought unseen from Ireland myself, I only hope my experience is half as positive as yours!
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    Heather Moffett Vogue & Flexee Vs Solution Saddle?

    I feel like this is very much personal choice. I HATED my HM Phoenix, but I’ll sing Solution’s praises all day long. I’ve used a Smart Native saddle for years now (on a number of horses!) and wouldn’t have anything else. Your best bet is to have a fitter out and try...
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    Transporting from Ireland - insurance?

    Fab, thank you guys. I believe it’s Dunlop that we’re using, but having never done this before I’m just a little confused on the insurance front! Especially with the cool-off period you get with usual policies. I’ll make some phone calls.
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    Transporting from Ireland - insurance?

    Just wondering if anybody here has experience of transporting horses from Ireland at all, and if you did, did you insure them for the journey? Curious as to how it works, and where you an actually get such an insurance from? TIA!
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    TB Gelding acting like Stallion

    My vet said something very similar - along the lines of what a waste of time it was. I insisted, and the test came back as a resounding positive. A high positive at that, and I know how disheartening rig behavior can be. I'd be getting a vet to rig test ASAP. Mine even did it on a callout day.
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    Are horses just not selling at the moment?

    The cheaper end of the market is certainly selling well, but if you're spending more you're generally after something very specific. The problem is that you don't get a feel for a horse until you meet them in the flesh and have the opportunity to ride them, and it could be something very trivial...
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    How far do u walk to turn your horse out?

    3 minutes sounds wonderful!! Our summer fields are a mile walk from the yard - though to be fair it's a fantastic fittener when it's multiple times a day!
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    Buying a horse - how did you know they were "the one"?

    As titled, really. How did you know, and did you compromise on anything at all? Curious to hear responses :)
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    Selling a problem horse (definitely not an advert)

    Horses do sell, believe me. I had a very similar problem a few months back. Beautiful traditional cob, real looker, moved well, bombproof in any traffic, hacked alone and in company. The dealbreaker was that he was a true rig, and behaved as such. I advertised him 100% honestly, warts and all...
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    Desensitising a clueless 4yo?

    He can actually see a motorway from his field, but we don't have any directly next to a road? lol. He has been backed (prior to me buying him), but I think the groundwork is going to be essential before getting him going as although he's not naughty, he can get a little panicky. We're trying...
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    Desensitising a clueless 4yo?

    Thanks for the replies! :) I've always been a believer in "if I expect them to do it and be okay, they will be" in regards to youngsters, however this guy has had a few minor meltdowns and walks around with his eyes on stalks haha. He is adjusting to the everyday things pretty well, but the...
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    Desensitising a clueless 4yo?

    I'm aware everyone will have differing ways / means, but I'm interested to hear them :) Scenario: You have a 4yo who has grown up at his breeder's private land, been loved to pieces, and very well looked after, but has never left the yard. Now imagine the look of awe / horror on his face when...
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    Sorry, another "which bit?"!

    Generally sticking his head up and zooming, more out of excitement / "razzing up" than anything else, I think. He's an opinionated git who hits grass and decides "I WANT to canter", and it's difficult to convince him otherwise. I usually end up pulling him round to stop him, as the bit does...
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    Sorry, another "which bit?"!

    As there's so many out there, I'm baffled as to what best to try. Pone in question is a 7yo 14hh cob with a very tiny mouth. I've had him 6mths, and he had "always" been ridden in a happy mouth full cheek snaffle. Snaffle mouthed, yada yada. The bit he came with had been pretty much chewed...
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    What to do with a rig... WWYD?

    Sorry guys, it's been a long week. He's on a yard where mares and geldings are split - I dread to think what would happen if he were ever put in with a mare. He has the end (back) stable in an indoor barn set up, to minimise having mares and such led past him. He's in a routine, worked as much...