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    I think chipping is pointless. cruel and a waste of time. I have also been breeding for many years and prefer branding as a means of permanent least with a good brand anybody can see it from a distance and no doubt about it. we had 1 filly foal last year that was very...
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    I have seen hot branding on 6month old foals. I thought it would be a terrible ordeal for them but in fact it wasn't anything for them to worry about at all. They hardly noticed. The next few days weren't an issue either and there were no after effects or even signs that the foals were sore in...
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    How hygienic are we all?

    Well I am the same as you enfys.can't stand dirty hands and don't mind the smell of horsey as long as it stays with the horses and not either in my car or even in the house. The land rover is ok cos it has leather seats and can be kept clean but my car has cloth seats so would stink. All...
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    Raw food feeders - advice please.

    We feed all our dogs raw but like anything else, the change over shouldn't be total and dramatic but gradual or you may upset your dogs gut. We feed raw chicken wings and carcasses vet is horrified at this practice and recommends a nice bag of brown biscuit stuff that they sell at...
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    Have you ever been hoaxed by owners/people wanting to loan before?

    I would never ever loan a horse to anybody.far too many pitfalls from what I can see and if I was looking for a horse, I would have to pay for it then it was mine..nobody could come and take it away or use you to pay and look after it for them whilst it was convenient for them. Plenty people...
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    Jamie Gray Back in Court!!!

    Now the bail condition says he can't go within 100yards of any horses.should have been put in writing like that right from the start then.....but he prob has a mobile phone and many auctions run with phone lines these days......if he is determined to carry on, suppose he will always find a way...
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    I met a shar-pei puppy the other day... beyond gorgeous. ?adult temp?

    I have a very good friend who is a very experienced dog owner who has a sharpei. He has bad skin that she has spent thousands on..his temperament is really bad too and she daren't let him off the lead at all. The dog is 10 years old and she had him from a young puppy. She is scared to death on...
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    legal way to get rid of non paying livery

    Always thought you could take a horse if the livery wasn't paid up etc as long as there was some sort of contract in place???....What about when race horses are sent to auction cos of non payment of livery.isn't that the same?...Please put me right if I am wrong here.
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    'Weapon dogs' are seized by police

    Not really sure why the legislation wasn't enforced more at the time with pit bulls and other banned breeds, really don't know how anybody would go about only having suitable homes for these dogs. Other breeds were dogo argentino and japanese tosas.wouldn't even know what these looked liked...
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    What a why to die!!!( Chocolate)

    Yes, poor poor man......absolutely terrible.
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    'Weapon dogs' are seized by police

    Its surprising how many pit bull and pit bull types there are in the Uk when breeding them was banned here in the 1980s. Shame for the poor dogs but only a matter of a very short time before these sick owners have new dogs.
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    Farriers - Aberdeenshire - help!

    There was somebody advertising in Scot ads recently called Ross something.....ask scotsmare, she has used him and had nothing but praise for him. depends too on what part of Aberdeenshire you are in.its a huge county.
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    JRT owners...quick question

    We have 4 JRTs. 3 are great with all stock including chickens but do kill rats and mice and the odd rabbit...then we have a bitch just 12months old.and she is lethal with anything that moves. Our dogs are all related too and great with people.especially, I don't think there is any set...
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    picking dog up by its front legs - i know it's bad, but pls, how bad?

    Maybe the point here is not so much is it a bad thing but the fact you told him NEVER to do it.....and he did.
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    This makes my blood boil - Jamie Gray

    well then going to a horse fair isn't in breach of his bail conditions......he was only there, no evidence he was keeping buying or transporting horses. Maybe thats as far as the bail conditions could be expressed.should have said not allowed within 20 yards of any horse.maybe that wouldn't...