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    Trailblazers Final

    Not sure if I should put this in here or competition but worth a try. Just wondered if anyone is going to the finals for showing classes. And also who has been before what is it like? I will be going on my own do they strip and trot up for showing classes? Does the judge ride? Also...
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    Advice please - Showing

    Everything as others have said above black tack is acceptable at all levels so don't worry. Brown is correct but depends how you horse looks in this. And snaffle is def okay for local level novice classes.
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    Those of you without a wash box/proper washing facilities?

    I wash mine before and after with a hose pipe and never wash down in hot water. That opens the pores in the skin for mud fever. The ones that live out are just wet brushed where the saddle went and then a good brush before they go out.
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    Can anyone recommend me a "low end" horse dealer?

    oh no - want rid sounds serious! What's wrong and what sort. What are you looking for in return?
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    Who doesn't ride in a snaffle?

    All mine (9) are hacked out in loose ring snaffles no matter how strong. However for there other events the bits can vary. Being in a pelham for a reason shouldn't put people off.
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    Opinion on my horse

    There is definitely an improvement. Why not look him up on racing post website you can see how well he did racing and. More on his breeding.
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    ' if you don't want her pts' WWYD?

    I would defo sell, there are plenty of people that would take her on. No point both of you being unhappy!
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    Grass Sickness

    having lost 1 horse to grass sickness we did all the above - no soil disturbance, hay out, still fed hard feed etc etc but unfortuantely lost another to grass sickness on the same area as the previous. had 2 horses together but only 1 affected. we will never use that grazing area again now! -...
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    Does Soya Oil affect behaviour?

    Soya Oil is fed for slow release energy - for weight and condition normal veggi oil is fine and can be fed up to a cup full a day.
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    Showing a black horse. Colour of tack.

    I show a dark brown almost black cob. I always use black tack on him as brown looks silly. We use black for local, county and HOYS - never been marked down!
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    Anyone ever done an online equine course?

    I signed up for the course ages ago too! Looking forward to it and going to use it as a refresher! :) Oh and just joined FB group
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    Showing a black horse. What colour tack?

    It is correct to use brown tack for showing, however I show a black cob and use black tack. We have never been marked down for this. The black tack has been used locally, county and at HOYS! Good Luck
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    Recommendations for Boxing Day meets in Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire area please

    you could join us at the Burton Hunt- on lincs show ground :)
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    Ruby is found

    Thats amazing news! Hope you told Horace! Lots of love to Ruby :)