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    Sharing Considerations

    For you, at this moment, or whenever you want to start looking, the very best bet would be to find some one with two horses who needs a rider to accompany them to get both exercised. You might find one of these when the hunters are first brought up and need lots of walking exercise. Riding out...
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    I’m so happy!!!!

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    Getting a Semi-Feral Pony

    The trapping behind a gate brings back memories! I lived in Wales for while and used to help my local farmer with the quite wild ponies. This procedure was a regular necessity!
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    Getting a Semi-Feral Pony

    My friend bought a colt foal straight off the New Forest and we did exactly as has been described here. He went into a loose box and (with a little difficulty) he had a head collar put on. He was fed and watered and visited and about 2 weeks later he went out with the other ponies. He wasn't...
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    Getting a Semi-Feral Pony

    Do you have other sensible equines at home for the new pony to learn from/be friends with? I am going to be really blunt here......... if you have to ask on a forum if it would be a good idea or ask for tips on something like this, perhaps you should not be attempting it. Especially as you...
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    What horse for tall 13 year old?

    Have a look at the New Forest Equestrian directory (NFED) and see if there are any up to height New Forest Ponies. They will carry you as well as any horse, be cheaper to keep and have excellent temperaments. I could jump mine against horses in WH classes/SJ and compete in dressage to gymkhana...
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    Fly rug recommendations

    I have had a Masta fly rug for years. I know it is not a top make brand but it has been absolutely fine, washes well, never rubbed. I have just bought another one the same for the companion pony. There is a neck and belly flap too.
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    Vetting availability

    I am also in S.W and vet is coming to do teeth and vacs very shortly. Can see no reason why they won't do vettings.
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    Can’t catch my horse from the field

    She is unsettled, more grass, new friends, doesn't want to leave the new herd, any amount of reasons that one would expect to resolve in a short time.
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    Foal Friday - 2020

    Three!!! That's a bit greedy!! 3 x more pictures will be needed though.
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    17 Stone beginner rider

    When I had a NF pony 30 odd years ago, I bought as many editions of the breed society book that came my way. I had some pretty old ones and I noticed that they would have the results of the New Years Day Point to Point from the previous year in them. When I read about 13 st men (or more)...
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    Who also came second?

    But, didn't you know....... 2nd is THE place to be!
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    Superstitious horse

    Mine will gallop up to me from wherever they are standing/grazing if I so much as touch a fence post! (more often I am moving them to get less grass not more!!) I have learnt to move any fence whilst they are in their stables.........so who is training who???
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    Reaping the rewards....

    This is a quadruple whammy! For the girl and you, and the pony and the mum! Made me a bit tearful. A beautifully produced pony and a cracking little rider.
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    Ludo's first lesson in 4 months!

    He looks pretty special........... I wish the clips were longer!