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    Turnout rugs without leg straps

    I have a 0gs Amigo on my native with just a filet strap and it does not blow up. Keeps her pretty dry too and her coat down and shiny.
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    Problem Lusitano

    Good news for you and your horse.
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    6 months difference!

    Yes, so much difference.
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    Fingers on the button

    Throw away!? So that is why many of us on here spend years of our lives, & a lot of our hard earned money on keeping our oldies (dogs and horses et al) alive and WELL ?? However, I do think that there are too many societies and individuals who spend time, money and energy on sad, unhappy...
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    The sacked horse hitting ex teacher is going to court

    This comes under the heading of "Any publicitiy is good publicity"!
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    The sacked horse hitting ex teacher is going to court

    Sadly she is an "easy target", as people have said, there is far worse cruelty going on which does not get dealt with apropriately because it is hidden and not "out there". I too think she has been punished enough and that this court case is over kill.
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    Finally, some great customer service!

    Good customer service is a thing of the past, so very good to hear of this. It is the kind of "advertising" that will not do them any harm.
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    Absolutely shattered but very happy!

    Good for you!
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    Any tips on dealing with an in your face horse?

    I agree with spotty_pony, the first things I teach a young, or new, horse is to Go Back and then Move Over. They should move away with just a tiny hand movement, not even any need to speak once they get the drift.
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    Can I gently persuade friend to PTS elderly horse?

    I sympathise with the owner of this horse. I was guilty of letting my NF mare go on for a last winter on the basis that I was sure that she would "pick up in the spring", even though vet had suggested this would not happen. Of course, spring came and the hoped for improvement did not happen so...
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    Shoes on a pony?

    My ponies (14.3 and 13.1 hh) only have front shoes. During last summer we were riding upto 15 miles on mixed terrain, quite a lot of road work. I did try them both without any shoes but really did not find it satisfactory. This is a good compromise.
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    Un-catchable horse!!!

    When you get this pony caught, and i feel you will need a sensible, calm team to do this, don't put her back into the same field. Find a very small, well grazed paddock where you can feed her from a bucket once/twice a day. she just doesn't need you at the moment! Once you have established a...
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    A friend has one and absolutely loves it, swears its not bulky and she does ride and do stable work in it.
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    Wood pellet bedding……very confused… please!!

    I use Easi Bed, the wet goes striaght down and then spreads evenly under the surface and drains out of the drain hole. The surface stays very dry.
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    Another vetting on Thurs...wish me luck

    Congratulations, very good looking horse! Best wishes for your future together.