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    Let it go! Let it gooo!... here's a brief lesson report

    Inmy mind, the quality of your trot work will influence the quality of the transition into canter and then the actual balance of the canter and feeling of control. So, keep working on your trot and and soon enough you will be able to transition into a nice, happy canter.
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    My bad luck has to run out soon :(

    This sounds like a recurring nightmare. Very sorry you have to go through it.
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    A tribute

    Lovely horse, lovely tribute. Sleep well Coop. x
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    Making dressage interesting for the horse...

    I found walk to canter had an energising effect on my NF mare.
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    Take your horse on holiday recommendations

    For the New Forest, look at Hackney Park, Sway, nr Lymington. Direct acess to the forest, very knowledgeable owners and classy accommodation. Owners Helen and Chris Beale.
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    Colic - healing vibes please

    Sending sympathy. x
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    Take your horse on holiday recommendations

    I can sugest some where in the New Forest if you are interested.
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    VERY stiff muscles. Please help.

    Re ear twitching: the big old Irish horse I ride is 27 years old. He is the gentleman of all gentlemen but even though he has lived and been loved for the last 14 years by the same family, clipped and hunted, evented and competed really successfully and turned out to perfection, they have...
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    Very proud of my horse

    Just brilliant. I am sure you must be really proud of them both. Very happy for you all.
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    What jobs do you do??

    During most of my horse owning life I was self employed, decorator/antique dealer but since "retirement" and recieving my pension I have been working as a market researcher for a local company to supplement my pension and pay for the ponies. It is ideal, extremely flexible with choices of...
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    Thoughts on magnetic boots?

    I bought some 20 odd years ago for my elderly NF mare. They worked wonders, helped her emormously. I still have them and use them on my present elderly mare. I am not seeing such success here. A vet will tell you they do nothing other than keep the area warm but magnets have been used for...
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    Showing Inhand showing,teaching them how to trot Inhand

    I have heard that the do/did far worse with the hackneys!
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    Waterproofs you can ride in

    I have noble Equestrian.... best pair i have ever had.
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    Anyone else need rain?

    We have had some rain but the wind is drying every thing up almost straight away.
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    Bitting solutions for a nappy ass

    Have you tried a vulcanite pelham ? My NF mare who could be pretty head strong became perfect pony with one.