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    Novice 20

    Ha! Well, Im doing it on an ex-racehorse, so as my instructor rightly pointed out; if I aim for a 10m circle, I will inevitably end up with a 12m circle.... Thats the tactic Im going for anyways....
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    Novice 20

    Its the scales of training test and as a consequence is somewhat daunting. Has 12 & 20m circles. trot walk and immediately trot. medium trot two free walks. a canter trot canter transition over x. 'simple' change through trot, across the diagonal. stretch work in trot. Also the collectives...
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    They are immune, but only until the bacturium has mutated beyond recognition of the immune system. Mine had it as a 5yo and as a 12yo, so definitely not inifinite immunity!
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    VirKon E

    Virkon is very strong to be putting on a horse.... Having said that I think Im thinking of Virkon S... Either way you can get it from your vet, just give them a ring & they should post you some!
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    Jade Goody

    Thats horrendous. Never know what to believe when its in the press though - on that basis there is still hope.
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    Regent Graftons? Or other brown comp boots?

    I tried them on for fit - they were divine & really good looking in the brown. I didnt buy them though as I wanted black & the buckminster were virtually the same, but half the price.
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    Yorkshire Dressage

    Morning All! Wondered if anyone could help me out. Im organising a dressage competition for university riding and I need to find a judge, however I am somewhat struggling. As Im not from the area I have no idea who the "good" judges are; someone has suggested Marge Copus, but from what I can...
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    What a bizaar situation. Your yard owners actions seem entirely irrational, surely the solution to the problem is just to keep the horse in its stable, this resolves all problems about the horse jumping out and infecting other horses etc. In terms of moving the horse - moving a very sick horse...
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    Trowel XCountry Schooling Course

    I think the course has planning permission to be developed for housing....
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    Question about Leather boots and Beagler Hats

    Cant really help on the ariats. But there are 3 main beagler makes: Patey (extortionatly expensive, but absolutly beautiful;) Horka ( V.cheap (mine was £30,) look smart & do the job;) Charles owen (half-way house between the two!)
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    It caught my eye too & was of particular interest as we had a horse/foal on our yard for 3 years that was one! Ours was born on the yard after a classic "accidental" pregnancy; she was a beautiful dun filly foal, but was always extremely bolshy & we often joked about how coltish her...
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    Rubbish BBC coverage of eventing sjing

    Thought it was fantastic myself!
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    Strangles Blood Test

    My horse has just recovered from bastard strangles and in my experience swabs are very fickle - my horse had several internal and external abcesses, however he never tested positive when swabbed. Because of this we relied fully on blood tests, I know that in a sufferer of strangles the blood...
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    marquis supergrip,old mac or boa??

    I had huge problems with my horses feet not being able to hold shoes at this point last year. So under advice, I took his shoes off & invested in a pair of Old Mac boots; from the research I did at the time, I would suggest that these are the best to use as I spoke to many people that had...
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    Final Baron update

    So happy for you! (Im mildly cheesed though because Im sure mine contracted it far before yours did & Sky is STILL on antibiotics ) Hope you're having a celebratory beverage!