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    Is this possible - or photoshop job? This guy can :eek: :D J&C
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    Is there such a thing as Alfafa and Molasses and oil free?

    I lied. FF has oil in it apparently :( sorry! J&C
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    Has the flexee gone live yet?

    No :( They've had some sort of problem with shipping. I emailed my local fitter and she said I wouldn't be able to get one until the end of July :eek: :( Back to the drawing board! J&C
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    More like a Cob than a TB...

    I second what nmt said about the pure feeds. Ozz was on 4 scoops a day and looked awful. He's now on one scoop winergy condition (plus ad lib haylage, as always) and is actually fat! I'm moving him down to low energy :eek: J&C
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    dressage in a sauna...Witham CS BD report:

    He looks stunning! Can I ask what you've been giving him for his ulcers? :) J&C
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    Shod horses on roads

    You should be fine! In fact, I'm yet to hear anyone say they do anything other than jar the limbs tbh. I've never had road studs in any of my shod horses and not had a problem :) Try to avoid slippery tarmac, but I suspect you'll know of any particularly nasty tarmac around you and avoid it...
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    Kompeet/Equitop Myolplast/Cavalor Muscle Force - which one???

    I know it's not one you've mentioned, but I noticed a massive change when feeding Equine America's More Muscle :) it's a hell of a lot cheaper, too :) J&C
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    To the person who told me the 'armpit' trick!

    I tried the armpit thing today and OMG :eek: amazing trick! Thank you! J&C
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    Follow on thread: post good un-shod/barefoot pics please

    ETA: should have made it clear that pro pod hasn't arrived yet, but I will post more pics in a few weeks when it's had a chance to work, and report back :D J&C
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    Follow on thread: post good un-shod/barefoot pics please

    Hi Oberon :) I was thinking that I'd begin to (verrry slowly) lower the heels, to load the frog so they'd begin to strengthen further? I figured if I don't, they'll continue to stay as they are :p I won't be dumping the heels of course, it would be done very gradually so he stays comfortable...
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    Follow on thread: post good un-shod/barefoot pics please

    This one is interesting. If you look about halfway down, you can see (I hope) a section of wall that almost looks like it’s not as well connected as the wall above and below it. I have no idea if this is just coincidence or not, but that would correspond with the time that I had to...
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    Follow on thread: post good un-shod/barefoot pics please

    :eek:! Definitely not aimed at anyone! Sorry, it did sound like I was hinting, I wasn't! Promise! :o in fact, I was more referring to the fact that his feet were filthy in my set of pics :D Sorry, it really did sound awful in retrospect :o J&C PS your horse's feet are incredible! I did...