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    Riding abroad is it safe ? Sister being difficult!

    I've ridden abroad a few times, including in Spain. Unless I was confident that the riding centre was able to supply a decent hat I've taken my own (as carry on). Generally everything has been fine and the riding has been great. I have had one bad experience - one centre took rides to a public...
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    Selling a Horsebox - Any advice?

    Thanks for all the advice - sorry for the delay in replying (I've been offline for a few days). I'm going to ring Central England Horseboxes to see how they would handle the sale and how much they charge. If that doesn't work out then I think I'll give FB a try.
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    Selling a Horsebox - Any advice?

    Thanks for sharing - I think I need to investigate them options and then weigh up the pros & cons. Does anyone have any advice on how to ask for payment - I’m worried (possibly irrationally!) about being scammed and ending up with no horse box and no money! Is bank transfer safest for large sums?
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    Selling a Horsebox - Any advice?

    I'm planning on selling my 7.5t horsebox and downsizing. I bought it when I was driving and needed to transport carriage but now I am just riding I really don't need so much space. This is the first time I've sold a box and I'm not really sure where to start. It's a nice box built by a popular...
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    Would you ride with this injury?

    That sounds very similar - tbh I fully expected to be told it was a soft tissue injury as it really wasn't that painful. The L2 fracture came as a complete surprise - if I hadn't been worried about my neck then I wouldn't have presented at A&E & it would have wouldn't have been found. It does...
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    Would you ride with this injury?

    Falling off a horse (no surprises there). We were coming down some steps on a xc course when he made a mistake a lost his footing. He managed to recover but I was pretty much catapulted straight into the ground & landed badly. It didn't feel or look like a particularly hard fall and initially I...
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    Would you ride with this injury?

    I'm currently recovering from a neck fracture (C1) and I have been told to avoid riding (along with running, contact sports, yoga... it's quite a long list!). I'm also in a hard collar 24/7. I would err on the side of caution and avoid riding until you have confirmation that your neck is not...
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    Goals for next year? Please share!

    Complete a BE80. Completing a ODE has been a goal for ages (decades!) however there a been a few detours on the way....
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    Vet bills😳

    My old equine practice (sadly now closed down) gave 10% discount for settlement by the 1oth of the month and charged interest on late payments.
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    Developed 'The Fear'

    I had a major loss of confidence a few years ago after a couple of rather nasty falls. I'd echo what others have said - take the pressure off and take your time. Cantering is not mandatory (I suspect your horse could not care less about cantering). Riding within my comfort zone most of the time...
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    Riding and the Menopause

    I got HRT from my GP surgery on the NHS but it has been a battle. Initially my symptoms/concerns were dismissed as trivial and my GPs' lack of knowledge around (peri)menopause and the risks/benefits of HRT was quite shocking. Eventually, I went in for a consultation "armed" with copies of the...
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    Riding and the Menopause

    (Not sure if I'm doing this quote thing right...) LOL - not quite that old although to be fair I don't plan on stopping hrt in the foreseeable. Aside from the anxiety and brain fog it has also really helped with the physical symptoms, especially joint pain which was quite debilitating. HRT...
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    Riding and the Menopause

    Anxiety was an issue for me during perimenopause - initially I had no idea there was a link. I eventually started hrt for other symptoms and it really helped with the anxiety. I took a break from hrt last year (young GP wanted to see if I could be "weaned off it") and the anxiety returned with a...
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    Men’s jods/breeches - any recommendations please?

    My husband likes the Mark Todd breeches too. I also managed to get him into a pair of chunky paddock boots (that look pretty much like his work boots) and leather gaiters )he was won over by the grippiness). tbh there's not a great deal out there for men.
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    Kissing Spine non surgical treatment

    My boy is 2.5 years post KS surgery. We opted for injections after his diagnosis and achieved some improvements initially but his condition deteriorated after about 6 months so we went for surgery. Rehab was slow and hard work - I was/am pretty clueless but I have really good pro rider and...