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    pony chewing reins

    Irish martingale is the leather piece that joins the reins together, below is an example
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    Experience with a horse going under general anaesthesic

    Thanks everyone. My friend was a bit taken aback as the vet never mentioned GA and she only found out when arranging the drop off time with the hospital receptionist and it was mentioned then. She’s speaking with vet on Monday to run through the procedure and will take it from there.
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    Experience with a horse going under general anaesthesic

    Hello all My friends horse is going in for a procedure to her tendon stealth next week and she’s just been told it’s going to be done under GA. Horse is 22 so friend is obviously concerned and the vets haven’t run through the risks involved. She’s quiet happy to retire the horse but chose the...
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    Never underestimate a Scruffy (proud mum, sorry)

    Amazing well done to your sharer. Love the p2p, a great local tradition.
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    Anyone use Equinola bedding?

    I loved using equinola but unfortunately not many stockists round my way so it was to much of a faff to get any. I deep littered it and it was really easy to skip out and my really wet messy mare was a lot better on it.
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    New Forest ponies

    Willoway lines are generally full up and of substance. Farriers and Wayland lines also good. Farringdon’s are lovely but would say they are slightly on the finer side if you’re looking for a more traditional forester.
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    Dressage report...and a warming up question

    Sounds like a great result for your first trip out with all that went on. My youngster is very looky and reactive to other horses around him in the warm up. The best thing is just to get them out as much as possible and lots of transitions trying to keep them focused on you rather then...
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    When (and where) are the drifts in the New Forest/Dartmoor/Exmoor

    Drifts in the new Forest are happening now through to the end of October. Drift locations are released about a week in advance so people can avoid and are advertised on NFED in the event calendar
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    Tokyo Showjumping thread

    I think that was in the context that after he had to retire from the individual he didn’t feel he’d get a clear round. They just didn’t seem together but have got better
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    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    She’s beautiful 😍 What about Shandy? It’s an Irish name and kind of fits with the first part of her name.
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    Best saddle for a New Forest?

    My thorowgood is the compact version which they do in a 16.5, the cob was always to long for mine and I didn’t like riding in the pc. Worked for my latest but it was regularly checked. My mare has an ideal H&C which works well for her now and the gelding has a k&m dressage and optimum...
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    Best saddle for a New Forest?

    Ive been quite fortunate with my last few foresters as they’ve all had a slight wither, makes life a bit easier.
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    Best saddle for a New Forest?

    For my youngsters (NF) I usually use a cheaper synthetic saddle until they stop changing shape (normally a thorowgood) and then around 8 I get them a more permanent saddle fitted. They change shape a lot, at least all mine have, and I’d have the saddle checked 3/4 times a year until they stop...
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    Where to get racing weights?

    Diving weights, decathlon sell them or you can get them on eBay or Amazon
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    Mid july weekend plans

    Great jump lesson this morning with the youngster who managed to jump a whole course in a controlled canter without doing his Speedy Gonzales impression and firing himself round. He’s still partial to taking a long one but I can live with that for now if he’s not going to run away from me...