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    Advice please! Sedation without my permission.

    Yes ideally they should have waited or phoned you to tell you they were early, but i would more be questioning as to why the yard allowed them to start in your absence (it sounds like you are in a livery environment?) as they were holding your horse they must have greeted them and taken them to...
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    Sacroillialc? suspensory? help very unusual lameness!!

    you need a definitive diagnosis. I have dealt with SI problems and Suspoensories. what you have described is very similar to mine with SI problem but without a vet work up you will have no idea what is a primary problem and what is a secondary compensatory problem. You need to book your horse...
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    Hiring of Hoof Boots, name of company Really helpful do buy and hire on lots of boots and help you pick the right ones for you
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    Insurance refusing to pay

    Always ask for exclusions to be reviewed after a year with a supporting letter from your vet. If for what ever reason they will not lift an exclusion get it as specific as possible that way it is clear for all parities. unfortunately for you I would imagine the wording of the exclusion would be...
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    Regumate questions

    mine had now been inseminated with Peanut oil first time mid summer last year and for the first time this year. so far as work on first insemination each time. she gets very difficult on coming into season and very distracted once in season. Its far cheaper than regumate. only down side I have...
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    Grazing Muzzle Woes

    I would try a greenguard one I persevered with a bucket one but my horse just stressed in it. much happier with a greengaurd one had to poke the grass though the holes to start but very quickly got the hang of it. she has it vet wrapped on her headcollar.
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    calcification deposit in suspensory ligament

    I think this is what mine has. It was found after a bone scan which showed hocks as a hot spot. x rays showed extra bone/calcification at the insertion of the SL by the hock. Was worse on one leg. Horse wasn't lame ( bone scan for back problem resistance to go forwards) blocking of SL made no...
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    Ovarian Cysts (Granulosa Cell Syndrome)

    hiya your sounds a little like mine was last year. she was scanned and all okay and blood tested and scoped for ulcers all fine. She was really bad coming into season. had short trial of regumate but not really long enough to make a huge difference. ended up having Peanut oil inseminated which...
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    Dually halter-Any good?

    very good and effective how ever you must do the training otherwise it will be as pointless. They come with a DVD and the best advice is get someone out to help train both of you. Go to the Intelligent horsemanship website and find someone local to you
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    And this is why you do not use sheep wire as horse fencing!

    Post and Rail not always better. As mine did just that in a post and rail fence. Took two people with saws to cut her out. Thankful she didn't panic as could have broken a leg. In some ways at least stock fencing is easier to cut with wire cutters than a thick wooden post.
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    Mare won't load- dually headcollar a few questions look here and find someone to help you. As previously said your horse needs to be trained to understand a dually (and you) otherwise you are on a road to nowhere. It worth doing things properly and not papering the cracks...
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    Hunting from Plumpton College

    No hunt went from Plumpton college last year and don't have any dates of one this year. Have in the past had think it was a drag hunt go out from here a few years back.
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    Alternative to Regumate?

    Peanut oil inseminated in to uterus. love it mine is so much better having been done lasts about 100days ask your vet- No I haven't lost the plot!
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    muzzle help please!

    yep horizontal
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    TopSpec All in One.

    if your horses isn't eating it your not going to see an improvement. Not all horses like powder. Quite agree with Jnhuk always helpful and not pushy sales like a lot of the big companies. I deal with quite a few companies and Top Spec are one of the better ones to deal with