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    Suspensory ligament help

    My horse has been diagnosed with suspensory ligament desmitis in both hind legs. Vets have decided there is nothing else they can do except keep her comfortable until the day comes when I need to make that decision. She has been on 1 bute a day for a couple of months now (reduced from 2) and...
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    Grumpy 2 year old

    I have a 2 year old filly that I bred myself. She has always been a lovely nice natured horse who loves cuddles and attention. Recently she has started being really grumpy and has tried to nip me a few times and pulls faces in the stable. She is still fine to handle just a bit grumpy. Any ideas...
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    Help showing people!!!

    Am competing in in hand small hunter tomorrow and just read the schedule and if I get placed first or second the championships are part of the evening gala performance. Having never done an evening performance before I have no idea what to wear!!! I may be jumping the guns a bit here but would...
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    Cost of wolf tooth removal

    Hi all! My pony is having a wolf tooth removed tomorrow. My EDT is doing it and my vet is sedating. Just wondering about costs? Who else has had this done and how much am I looking at it costing roughly? Not had to have one done before so anyone who has let me know. Thanks
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    Livery yards near Wollaton Notts

    Hi I'm moving to Wollaton soon and will probably want to move my horses from the yard they are on now so they are closer to me. Can anyone recommend any good livery yards nearby? Must have a decent sized school, stabling, all year turn out and friendly!! Anyone know of any?? Thanks!
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    Foal Mane Pulling

    I'm taking my yearling out to some shows this year and she needs to be plaited up. She has a really thick mane which she absolutely hates me pulling. It's definately hurting her cos she's so laid back with everything else. I've tried using a solo comb to thin it but it seems to be taking forever...
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    Tyre pressure on Renault Master 2.5L 57 reg?

    What should the tyre pressure be? I don't have a handbook and it isn't on the inside of my door
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    SORRY a saddle how much...

    I've sold saddles on ebay before and have always started at 99p bit risky I know but have always got a fair amount for them. My advice would be have a look what similar saddles are selling for on there, should give you a rough idea of what to start at and what to put as a reserve amount.
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    In hand showing help please

    I am going to show my yearling this year in some in hand sports horse classes. I have never show in hand before and don't really know what I need to do in the ring, as I know sports horse classes are slightly different from you're normal in hand showing. Also tried to find some videos to help...
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    Freeform Treeless saddles

    A friend of mine is considering buying a freeform dressage saddle for her ex racer. Just wondered if anyone has one and what you think of them?
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    Supplements for ringbone

    Can anyone suggest a good supplement to feed horses with ringbone? Thanks
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    Supplements for ringbone

    I have a mare with ringbone. Is there any supplements anyone can suggest to feed her to help with this condition? Thanks
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    Advice on Breaking In

    I have a business breaking and training and the majority of problem cases I come across is people having a go themselves and it then takes me a lot more time and the owners a lot more money sorting out the problems. My advice would be get a professional involved. PM me if you want to know more...
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    I feel so loved

    My foal is the same and has been since she was born. Probably due to the fact I was the first human she saw when she was born as I was there at birth. But I agree its so nice to be bonded with your horse and them show their appreciation for you!
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    Ideas Please

    I am doing a ride in September and want to buy my horse some extra special bits and pieces so he stands out, as there is a prize for best turned out! I have got a new diamonte browband but wanted to get some other blingy stuff. He's dark bay so was going to go for white accessories but just...