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    Help - I rescued a Patterdale!!

    I can empathise with a lot of what you have been going through Pattie. We adopted a GSP in January who had been a stray (probably failed hunting dog) in Cyprus. It became clear immediately that he had an immense prey drive and zero recall. We walked him in a harness on a long line, but this...
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    I know nothing about dogs and training!

    The Dog's Trust have some simple training video guides on their website
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    How satisfying! What was going on? I have seen horses loaned to acquaintances and wished I knew the owners to give them more info on the homes! All pre FB days.
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    Healthy chews?

    Thank you everyone, lots of great ideas. Alec, I'm not so sure about your suggestion, tempting as it sounds - the fat content can be quite high in those.....
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    Healthy chews?

    I have just seen a horrible video showing how rawhide dog chews are made. Another forum has been slating PC Dentastix ( I think these may be causing softer poos and anal gland issues ). What do folks recommend as healthy alternatives and are there other products sold widely to avoid?
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    DIY livery near Thame

    I picked up a pony from a very friendly yard in Shabbington this summer. They said they had spaces. It was in Marsh road , will try to remember the name!
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    Selling horse to loaner

    I think you just need to have a very frank chat with her and see where she stands OP. I have been gifted loan horses but they are old with various issues. Your horse sounds a nice sort and is still relatively young. You could sell to your loaner, only to see the horse sold on if she starts a...
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    Am I too heavy for my horse?

    I think you should go for a horse that you can enjoy riding without any niggling doubts that you may be asking too much of it . Owning a new horse brings enough worries at times. It may also hold you back from trying new and exciting things!
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    Thunderbrook Feeds - your thoughts & experiences please

    This was recommended to me when I my elderly gelding lost weight and none of the feeds I was trying made any difference ( turned out to be a hind gut problem). They were very helpful when I asked for advice and the base mix and gut restore did the trick. I haven't seen any of the social media...
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    Saddle use after reflocking

    I learnt to ride over 40 years ago with a lady who had been running a riding school for over 50 years. Everything was done in a very old fashioned way. The saddle cloths used were more like large tea towels than today's numnahs and pads. They were there simply to help keep the saddles clean and...
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    Riding in the New Forest- tips?

    If you are on Facebook there is a New Forest pony people group. They may have some good tips ?
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    Vet recommendations

    We had a terrible experience with Arundel, though hopefully lessons have been learned from the mistakes made.
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    Would you tell her the truth?

    I think you need to send in LadySam!
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    Can anyone please help me word a message?

    We too bought two great older ponies for pony club Mirage. I agree there will always be a market for them. In our case I felt responsible for their latter years and did not sell but loaned them to friends. My husband was then very insistent that in that case we could not buy the next horses for...
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    Can anyone please help me word a message?

    The loaner has gone from owning several horses to owning one and loaning the other? I think this shows she is trying to continue have a horsey life within a restricted budget, keeping her options open to reduce further if her nervous daughter loses interest? I agree with others at how misleading...