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    To give Prascend or not?

    I have one who was borderline Cushings who's been on a half a prascend for 3 years now. He's TB and barefoot. Whilst he didn't have any real issues other than the odd bit of footiness and drinking a lot it certainly seemed to pick him up and gave him a new lease of life. We've not had any side...
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    Girth Recommendations

    I recently bought the Collegiate anatomical girth for 2 of my horses and I've been really impressed with it. No rubbing, it fits both well even though they are totally different shapes, can be wiped down or hosed off as its synthetic and its, imo, much nicer than the Prolite as its softer. Also...
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    Adjusting Equipe saddles

    Hi! It was Keith at Equitogs. I'm sure he still does it, though I believe it's a little bit more expensive now.
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    Pictures Producing 5/6yr olds

    Really nice to see everyone's updates. Raisin went to his first sj last weekend. We'd been to the venue twice before for arena hire, but this was his first time hacking there alone and going to a show. He was a star. Coped with the other horses, people, dogs, warm up, everything like a pro...
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    Best 50g Rug

    Rughles 50g for us. Have 3 now, first one is 2 years old and hasn't lost its waterproofing. Great fit and a reasonable price.
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    Winter mode?

    Are people clipping already?! We're still in summer routine.... and in total denial. I've put a rug on my 23yo, but the others are still out naked 24/7. Our stables are being moved, so no chance of changing routine for a few weeks until the work is done even if we wanted too.
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    Pink mash

    I feed Pink Mash to all 4 of my horses, and have done since it was released (4 years or so ago). For a couple I feed it with chaff (Dengie meadow grass) and a balancer, others I've fed with additional feed - linseed, keyplus, ease & excel or sensicare. It's just depended on the horse. I find...
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    Best supplement for arthritis

    We've two exracers on Vetrofen and have been really pleased with it.
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    Canter explosions and other stories

    Sending him out into the world as a 'companion' risks him ending up in the wrong hands and someone else being in your shoes with him in the future. He's your responsibility. You either continue to find the issue, or PTS. I bought young tbs when I probably shouldn't have. It was a learning...
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    Loosing a loan horse

    Jealousy is a horrible, ugly trait. It would be incredibly selfish of you to inflict the effects of it on other people. I suggest you end the loan and, if you really cannot cope with sharing, work towards a horse if your own. I'd also suggest you seek help, personally, and learn how to deal...
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    Another "what car should I buy?" thread

    Haven't read all the responses, but here's my tuppence worth anyway... I'm just selling my Tiguan, and honestly it's been fantastic. I have the 140bhp 4wd, it does tow two and it's been the cheapest 4wd to run that I've ever owned. It's basically a jumped up Golf in size and costs, and is...
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    Looking for Suggestions to encourage better use of shoulders

    I've had something similar with my 6yo exracer. We've spent the last 6 months doing lots and lots of in hand and lunging over poles and small, wide fences to encourage him to rotate up through the shoulder. This was backed up with regular, ie fortnightly, massage as his neck was crooked and very...
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    Calm healthy horses grazezy

    I got some from Sue this week, I guess the order she was waiting on has come in.
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    Thunderbrook Feeds - your thoughts & experiences please

    Good idea. Think I left that group but I'll rejoin even if its only until I get banned!
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    Thunderbrook Feeds - your thoughts & experiences please

    The guy in the posts is the main guy, and the guy I personally had the issue with.