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    Recommendations for tack for 3yo

    I used a simple bridle with no noseband and a head collar under. When leading/lunging to start with I clipped the line to the inside bit ring and the ring on the side of the head collar together. It gives it a bit more stability as the head collar prevented the bit being pulled through or moving...
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    head shaking :(

    Do you feed salt? I had a headshaker who was unrideable March-June and would get himself in a right state. We tried him on Mycosorb and added salt and it has improved 90%. We did use Cetrizine for a few years with some success but not a cure. I read about it on the Calm Healthy Horses...
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    Barefoot TB - to boot or not?

    With the spring grass coming through just now as well as him only just having his shoes off I would absolutely boot him. I have 3 barefoot TB's and all have had spells in boots when required. One is turned out in boots atm as his soles have retracted after a very wet winter and some other health...
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    How Much Pink Mash to feed in a Month

    This. I feed it to 4 horses and have friends who feed it too. We all feed two cupful's, 500g, a day and go through 1 bag a month per horse.
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    Disappointing lesson at Wellington

    I didn't know you had lost Ed, very sorry. We never got to go the hack we messaged about :( I'm very close to you with more horses than I can ride myself so if you need a pony fix you're welcome to get in touch. As for the lesson, I would be replying to say you look forward to a further...
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    Retracted Soles - Any Experiences?

    That's a really interesting point. He has had a lot of false sole since last summer, and now its all come off we seem to be left with the retracted soles, something I've never seen in him before. I wonder if the weather has pushed him over the edge? Hopefully boots will help us get him sorted out!
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    Retracted Soles - Any Experiences?

    Thanks everyone - nice to know it's not just mine! Have ordered boots and pads and I'm awaiting forage mineral analysis results to make sure all bases are covered. I'll start limiting his grass intake too.
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    Retracted Soles - Any Experiences?

    Horse is a big TB, barefoot 6 years, has had other issues - gut problems, tying up, calcium deficiency - which have all been dealt with. Feet are good to look at and he has been mostly rock crunching the last few years even with his issues. Over winter he has had a build up of false sole and...
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    Snowflake Softchip bedding

    Ditto, we used it for years. Its more like flax than shavings. It's heavy so it doesn't give you the fluffiness of shavings but its absorbent and great to deep litter as the wet stays together at the bottom. We gave our horses big thick beds of it, skipped out 5 days a week and lifted the wet...
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    What do your dogs do on the yard?

    Our poo in the same spots so we go looking. Normally they poo as soon as we get there so we see them do it. One of us does a poo sweep and goes round looking, thankfully the 2 spots they poo in are both areas where horses and people don't normally go so if we don't pick a poo up straight away...
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    What do your dogs do on the yard?

    OP our yard/dog set up is similar. Small yard, not mine but our 4 horses, our ex horse who is now owned by our friend and our YO's horse. YO's have made the yard secure for their own, now gone, dogs and liveries have always been free to bring their dogs up. Our dogs get on well with other dogs...
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    Devoucoux saddles?

    I had a Makila, it was a dream to ride in however although it was checked and looked like it fitted it gave my horse a sore back. I tried to get a Dev fitter out to adjust it but the local ones weren't interested and the one who finally agreed to come out was going to charge an extortionate...
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    Equiami - will it help?

    Yes, I have. To help an older horse get and remain sound after diagnosis and treatment of SI, hock and stifle issues. He'd become crooked, unlevel and hollow. The EquiAmi has helped hugely and I would recommend it. Horse is now 21, jumping again, sound and strong enough to maybe go to an ODE...
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    I have shipped to the USA and Europe and will only use DHL. It's a bit more expensive but absolutely worth it. The saddles I sent arrived safely and were fully tracked and insured. It's not worth the risk imo.
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    How long until you cantered your youngsters?

    Doesn't matter if he's 5 if the basics aren't right. He should canter in the school when he is ready to canter in the school regardless of age. For some this is 3, for some this is 6. Totally depends on the horse and the skills of the person schooling them imo. If you have cantered him before...